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    Welcome to the Sellwood Middle School Library,

    We are glad to have you visit our website. Here you will find information about new books, events in the library, and more.

    The Sellwood Library has thousands of books from which to choose. There are six new research computers! If you have any questions just ask our Library Media Specialist/Teacher-Librarian, Laura Axon, or our Library Assistant, Ms. Beverly Mangold.


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    The Library Team

    Your Librarian Team

    Miss Laura:Media Specalist/Teacher  

    Sellwood Middle School

    503-916-5656 ext. 70645

    Mon: All Day, Tues: All Day, Wed: 9-11:30am.

    Forest Park Elementary School

    503-916-5400 ext. 73390

    Wed: 12:05-4pm, Thu: All day, Fri: All Day.

    Laura Axon
    Miss Beverly Mangold: Library Assistant/Textbooks
    Wed: 12:00-4:00, Thurs: All Day, Fri: All Day
    Miss Laura Beverly Mangold





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