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    The Brooklyn Public Library is offering a free ecard to teens in response to the national wave of book banning.

    "The eCard gives access to 350,00 e-books, 200,000 audiobooks and over 100 databases, and it will be valid for one year."

    "To learn more about the program or apply for a free eCard, teens can send a note to BooksUnbanned@bklynlibrary.org or via the Library’s teen-run Instagram account, @bklynfuture."


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    Also thanks to Ms. Cassie Lanzas, Wilson HS Librarian, for making this video and sharing it for all of PPS to use!



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    "Questions answered, Smiles offered, Books found!" 


    Library Assistant Th & F : Beverly Mangold

    Media Specialist M & T: Tini Maier

    W - This library team also serves Jackson Middle School. On Wednesdays, we swap every other week for who is at each school.


    Ways to reach us:

    Email bmangold@pps.net and tmaier@pps.net

    You may also send us Text messages and make phone calls to our mobile phones using the Remind App. Simply reply to any Library Remind text sent.

    You may also call the school, but we are often busy, so please back that up with an email if that works for you. :-)



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    Video - Navigating 5 Types of Ebooks


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    Destiny Discover Library Catalog

    Video - Websites Tab in PPS Library Catalog


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    Video - Use, Highlight & Take Notes from OSLIS Gale 


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    Videos + examples - Online Note-Taking Table 


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    Video - Make & Share Teamwork Folders




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    • Try Teen Book Cloud.

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