• Introducing Updated, Easier-to-Read COVID-19 Dashboard

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    Dear PPS Community,

    Thanks to your feedback, we continue to make refinements to our COVID-19 Dashboard, making it even easier for PPS families to see the latest reports of students or staff who have been asked to isolate or quarantine.

    The Dashboard is updated four times per day and can be found at pps.net/covid19dashboard.

    Every PPS Site Now Displayed
    The improved dashboard now displays every PPS site, even if that site does not have any isolation or quarantine event reported during the selected time period.  This is true of both the data table (at the left of the dashboard) and the building selection menu.  Additionally, every site in the data table also shows rows for isolations, quarantine (off-site exposure), and quarantine (on-site exposure) even when there are no values for that category of event during the selected date range.

    No Data = 0
    Previously, when there were no values for a particular event type this would be presented in the large numbers in the top right with the text “No Data.” This was confusing since it seemed to imply that this information was not being collected, which was not the case.  As a response, the section will now show a zero if it means no case.

    Area Graph: Total Individuals Starting Isolation/Quarantine by Day
    The largest change on the dashboard is the replacement of the area graphic (far right, next to the staff vaccination rate graphic) which showed the number of individuals either quarantining or isolating at any given time.  There was a lot of confusion as to what this graphic meant, and why its values didn’t match the large numbers directly above it.  The new graphic shows individuals who are starting to isolate or quarantine, the same values shown in the upper right section.  Please note though that the upper right section is still showing a total for a selected date range while the graphic shows a daily total for each day in that same date range.

    Total Staff Vaccine Response Rate
    One final update is the addition of a note (at the bottom right) showing the % of staff who have informed PPS of their vaccination status.

    Thank you again for your patience as we continue to update our information to better inform our community.

    Jonathan Garcia
    Chief of Staff