• Principal's Message 04/05/2024

    Hello Arleta Families,

    A reminder there IS school this Monday, due to our new calendar changes.

    This week, an outdoor learning highlight for you from Ms. Hedlund, and Arleta Summer Programming information.

    Our kindergarten team at Arleta is dedicated to making learning truly fun! This short video shows one way we do that, by authentically engaging our youngest learners' minds and bodies. Take a look: Outdoor Play at Arleta.

    Summer Acceleration Academy, which is a summer learning program offered by PPS staff and SUN or other partner organizations, has decided to use Arleta as a summer site this summer. Arleta students who qualify, as well as students from Woodstock, Marysville and Lent who qualify, are receiving invitations via email this past week (Historically Underserved students have priority registration this week) and next week. Students who qualify are K-2 students who are below grade level in word recognition and phonics according to their MAP (Measure of Academic Progress) winter Fluency Assessment and 3-5 students between the 1st and 40th percentile on comprehension score according to their winter MAP Growth assessment. Enrollment will be opened up to SAA runs July 1st - August 1st.

    The reason Arleta was chosen is that the other three school locations are closed for construction and/or repair this summer. Unfortunately, because of the lack of space, SUN will not be able to offer summer programming. Ms. Raina and I tried to find a way for both programs to be offered concurrently because we know how much our families and students love SUN Summer Camps. We are really sorry. We do hope families of students who qualify for SAA will take advantage of it, because Ms. Raina and Ms. Shea will be supporting that program, and it is a great opportunity for mastery of unfinished learning.

    Other options: here is a link for all other summer programming being offered through Portland Parks and Rec from 6/26 – 8/17. Registration opens 5/13 and will more than likely fill up. Please save 5/13/2024 in your calendar!