• Principal's Message 05/17/2024

    Hello Arleta Families,

    Our staff is so filled up from all the sweetness and care last week! Here are some notes of appreciation for our community.

    A simultaneous request! Everything you can do to get your child to school right before 8 (so they’re in class ready to start the school day by the 8:00 bell) and to help your child stay focused on school and learning is greatly appreciated! Across the grades, children get a little unsettled this time of year with looming changes to their schedules and circumstances, whether they’re changes that are looked forward to, changes there is some anxiety around, and/or everywhere in-between.

    I hope as many families as possible are able to miss or make it quickly through the viruses going around. We’re all washing hands a lot but we’ve had lots of staff and student illness the past few weeks. Stay healthy!

    For any absences that you can possibly avoid or postpone (appointments, vacation days etc.) -- I’ve heard a few teacher teams talking about the impact of student absences and tardies recently. When one or more students miss the concepts taught, the partner work begun or concluded, the work time on assignments, or even just when students come in late, finding a way to keep things going for students who were present and simultaneously catching students up is quite challenging. Everything you can do to have students here every day on time is so appreciated.

    A reminder our Site Council self-nomination for parents and caregivers is open though Tuesday, May 28. Here is the link, and here is the link to the Dolphin Digest with more on Site Councils.

    Have a great weekend!