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    If you have a child who will be 5 years old by September 1, please register for kindergarten! To register, go to The process takes 20-30 minutes and school staff will follow up with you later in the summer. With schools closed, online registration is the easiest option, but paper options will be available soon. You don’t need to register if your child attends a PPS Head Start or Pre-Kindergarten program.

    Click here to access this blurb translated into the 5 supported languages.


    UPDATE: August 19, 2020 

    Welcome to Kindergarten 2020-21



    June 24 update
    Paper registration and Pre-K packets are no longer available at curriculum tables at meal sites. Instead, packets will be available at the following food pantry locations operated by SUN lead agencies: Franklin, Lent, Martin Luther King, Jr., Rosa Parks, Scott, Sitton, and Woodmere. Food pantry dates, times and languages spoken by staff are included in this document.

    We are currently accepting applications for 2020-2021 school year. Please submit your child's application for enrollment as soon as possible. Please contact our school secretary Esther Romero or our Principal Secretary Tina Myers for questions or to receive additional details.


    Click here to view A Look Insdie a Kindergarten Day at Beach

    Click here to view Beach KinderConnect Presentation February 2020

    Registration Checklist - Please bring in all the listed documents when you're ready to enroll your child at Beach. 


    We are so excited for your incoming kindergartner to be joining our school community next year!  Please know that whatever differences and changes in structure may occur for schools this coming fall (still unknown), our Beach Team is dedicated to a positive, successful start to elementary school for your child.  We love our kindergartners and can’t wait to meet and start learning with our new students!

    Whether your child enters our immersion program or our English Instruction program as a kindergartner next fall, we think you’ll be very happy here at Beach Elementary!  We have a caring, collaborative school community that is deeply focused on a sense of community and solidarity, and strong learning outcomes, for every student and family, across both our programs.  Our staff is committed to each of our students and to making our school a place that is inclusive and connected across both programs, as well as kindergarten-friendly and child-centered. 

    We are so sorry that the COVID-19 crisis has interrupted our scheduled tours and second Kindergarten Open House this year (in addition to the KinderConnect event we held in February, we had scheduled an Open House that would have taken place yesterday).  If it is helpful as a reference for you, we have linked the slides presentation from our February 2020 KinderConnect event on our website. Please don’t hesitate to ask our kindergarten team including me, any questions.  Here are some names and emails for your reference, and you can find photos of our Kindergarten teachers and larger team in the presentation mentioned above. Everything you’re doing as a parent to help your child enjoy noticing and learning letter names and numerals, and to help them learn to follow directions especially when they don’t really want to, helps prepare them for the start to kindergarten. Again, we can’t wait to begin learning with your children!  

    Principal, Lisa Hawking K Teacher

    Principal’s Secretary, Tina Myers K Immersion Teacher

    School Secretary, Esther Romero K Teacher

    School Counselor, Katrina de Boer K Immersion Teacher

    School Climate Coach/Instructional Specialist, Anna Davila-Marquez 

    Warmly, Lisa



    Hello Parents of Incoming Kindergarteners, 

    IMPORTANT INFORMATION FOR 2020-21:  On April 8, Oregon Gov. Kate Brown ordered that all in-person classes will be canceled for the rest of the 2019-20 school year. Find more information and updates here: Registration is taking place via the online format. Please see below for details. 

    As you are likely aware, in March, Portland Public Schools and other districts announced school closures following an executive order from Oregon Gov. Kate Brown in response to the coronavirus pandemic. While these closures include school offices, our work continues behind the scenes and from our homes in a different capacity. Being in charge of enrollment, I am able to complete many of my tasks from home and will continue to work on registering your incoming students during this time. The districts move to online registration this year, could not have come at a better time - as I'll be relying on this tool significantly during this school closure. 

    As you know, we are asking parents to complete the online registration ( as well as physically turn in up-to-date Immunization Records and a copy of your child's Birth Certificate/Current Passport. However, during this time, in order to move forward with online registration, IF YOU HAVE NOT already submitted Immunization Records & Birth Certificate, I will ask that you email these two proofs to and  (Here are instructions on how to convert photos to a PDF from your phone/ipad:

    While PPS will still require a hard-copy of these documents once school re-opens, by receiving valid proofs via email, I will be able to complete your students online registration. See Q & A below to hopefully answer other questions you may have. 

    1. I have completed all of the steps required for registration, but I have not received a confirmation that my child's registration has been accepted/complete. Is there something else I need to do at this point?
    2. At this point, I have a number of paper registrations finished. I also accepted online registrations with pending documents not loaded. If you have submitted Immunization Records/Birth Certificate after school  closure, I don't have it. Please confirm if those came via postoffice, then we will  look for it. 
    3. We have missed the online registration deadline of March 20th, can we still register our child?
    4. Yes, please complete the online registration as soon as possible.  If you are missing documentation, Pease email or send via mail.


    1. I filled out my child's paperwork by hand and delivered it directly to the office prior to school's closure. Is there something else I need to do at this point?
    2. At this point, you are set. IQ. When do we find out who my child's teacher is?
    3. Teacher assignments are given to families at our Beach Connect on August 26.
    4. What is the best way to reach the school if I have questions?
    5. You can email me at or our Principal Secretary, Tina Myers at

    Thank you so much for your patience. Feel free to email me with any further questions you may have.



    Esther Romero

    Secretary, Beach Elementary




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