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    Overview and Program Structure

    Beach School’s Dual Language Program uses the 90/10 model for the dual immersion program.  Instruction in kindergarten is delivered 90% in Spanish and 10% in English. For each subsequent year, the percentage of Spanish is decreased by 10% and increased in English.

    By fourth grade, instruction in the two languages is a balanced 50 - 50%. The program delivers a unified curriculum, based on Portland Public School District Curriculum and Standards, with high expectations in both English and Spanish.  There is no translation of content or repetition of lessons since skills and knowledge in one language transfer to the use of the other language. 

    The 90/10 model teaches literacy in the target language (Spanish) first.  Although there are daily opportunities at all grade levels for students to engage in formal English instruction, focus in the early years in on the development of Spanish.  This facilitates a high level of Spanish fluency in the upper grades.  Students whose first language is not English are given special attention and additional support in English Language Development.  Teachers pay special attention to skills that do not transfer seamlessly from one language to the other in order to avoid gaps in understanding (e.g. spelling).

    Click to see which subjects are taught in which language K-5 Click here to read in Spanish and English


    Interested in having your child participate in a Dual Language Immersion program? 
    Students entering Kindergarten must apply through the lottery.  At grade levels beyond kindergarten, families must submit a petition and the student’s language proficiency may need to be tested. You can apply and find out more on the School Choice Transfer Process site.


    How the Spanish Immersion Lottery System works
    Information about  the “lottery round order and preferences” can be found below Department of Dual Language

    More information about the number of available lottery slots at Portland Public Schools (PPS) is here: 2024 - 2025  Spanish 2024 - 2025 English lottery slots

    2024-25 Transfer Cycle Flyer: English Español Soomaali

    Here’s the webpage for the PPS Department of Dual Language: Dual Language website