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    If students enter the school between 7:30 and 7:45, they may sit on the stairs by the gym.

    7:45am - 7:53am

    K-5 students who ride the bus will walk to the front of building and enter through the main doors (escorted by staff).

    • K-2 students will walk to the cafeteria to begin breakfast - they will sit at tables assigned by class for the morning.
    • 3rd grade students will walk to the library for supervision
    • 4th and 5th grade students will walk to the gym for supervision

    All other student's and families will enter through the front door when they arrive and walk to the spaces above.


    Classroom teachers arrive to supervise and pick up students:

    • K-2 teachers arrive and supervise breakfast.
    • 3rd grade teachers arrive and signal students to clean up then line up one class at a time.  Students will stay seated and wait for a signal from their teacher to clean up their space and line up as directed.
    • 4th/5th grade teachers arrive and walk to their designated area in the gym.  Students will line up in their assigned places as soon as their teacher is standing in their designated area.


    4th/5th Transitions to Classrooms:

    • Classrooms (Except Bonilla) leave one at a time through the SE gym door, down the stairs, and to the annex (entering the north annex door).  Picking up breakfast in the annex.
      • If any student in a class cannot navigate the stairs, the class will exit the SW gym door and walk to the annex as a class.
    • Bonilla leaves out the SW gym door, picks up breakfast from the north side of the table and goes to class.

    3rd Grade Transitions to Class:

    • McGowan, Lahey and Arellano exit library, pick-up breakfast from south side of table, turn right and go to class.
    • Duran exits library, picks-up breakfast from the south side of the table, turns left and goes to class.

    8:00am - 8:05am

    K-2 Transitions to Class:

    • K-2 students will wait for a signal from their teacher to clean their tables and line up as directed. (Note, clean-up should follow lunch clean-up procedure)


    Front Doors Lock → Tardy students must enter at the main door with the ramp, ring the doorbell & be checked-in by School Secretary.  

    Tardy students will receive a tardy slip, have the opportunity to pick-up breakfast in the cafeteria (if before 8:30am), and report directly to class with their tardy slip.


     Dismissal / fin del día escolar