• There are a variety of special education services that students have access to at Arleta:

    Speech and Language:

    Arleta is fortunate to have a full time Speech Pathologist. Students receive speech services for everything from articulation (speech sound production) to support with different aspects of receptive and expressive language. Services are individualized and stem from needs expressed on a child's Individual Education Plan. Questions contact Teresa Hill at thill@pps.net

    Learning Center: 

    Arleta has one full time and one half time Special Education Teachers that support students in what we refer to as the learning center. Students may be pulled out of class or their teacher may support them in their general education classes. All of these services are based on a student's identified area of disability and what is expressed on their Individual Education Plans.

    Social Emotional Supports:

    Arleta is home to two Social Emotional Support classrooms. Students are placed by the district at Arleta from neighborhood schools all over the city. Each classroom (one in grades 3rd-5th and the other in grades 6th-8th) have one teacher and two paraeducators, plus a Qualified Mental Health Professional that is here three day s a week. We believe that students will do best when included in our general education classrooms. 

    If you are concerned about your child's academic or social progress, please contact our school counselor, Jennifer Lowery at jlowery@pps.net. Jennifer leads our Student Intervention Team, where students with academic or behavioral concerns are discussed on a team of teachers, administrators, as well as our school psychologist. The goal of this team is to figure out what interventions help students experience success. Sometimes this does mean a referral for a special education evaluation but many times it does not.