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    What is the PTO--

    Like a PTA, the PTO is an organization that is designed to support teaching and learning at Rose City Park School.  We raise funds for classroom needs, field trips and special events/activities/needs.  We also serve as a way to build community among the various parents and families that make up our great school.  

    What does PTO do at Rose City Park?

    We raises money for library books, safety patrol, field day, Mad Science Scholarships, science fair, clothing closet, staff appreciation, student aid, and teacher out-of-pocket classroom expenses. Plus, a lot more.

    Why change from PTA to PTO? (from Sam LaRoe, President)

    It seems there are some questions about why the change to a PTO. So I thought would take the opportunity to share why the change from a PTA (Parent Teacher Association) to a PTO (Parent Teacher Organization.)

    The technical differences between the organizations are small. Some school communities are PTAs because that’s what has always been done or because they believe strongly that the State & National PTA are doing important advocacy. As a PTA, we would be a formal member of the national PTA organization and would be required to charge a membership fee. For example, of the $12 membership fee at Roseway Heights last year, $10.50 was sent to the national PTA to support their programming.

    PTO, on the other hand, is a generic term. Some communities have decided to become a PTO because they believe in the broader membership option, inclusive of all families and different people who support the school. It usually represents groups that choose to remain independent and can charge / not charge a membership fee, based on what the group decides to do. By organizing ourselves as PTO, all Rose City Park parents, teachers, and staff members are AUTOMATICALLY members. There are no membership dues or requirements, beyond the rules established in our governing bylaws. Just like a PTA, the PTO will organize events and activities for the RCP community. We will continue to raise money in order to increase the $’s per student spent in and outside of the classroom and to fund the events, activities, and services organized by the PTO. We will still participate in all the previous PTA activities, like volunteering at the Clothing Closet.

    PTO meetings are open to any RCP parent, teacher, or staff member who wishes to attend. General meetings will be held four times a year. Exact times and locations will be published via normal channels (newsletter, flyers, posters and social media). The PTO Board consists of the Officer Positions and Committee Chairs. The board meets monthly to plan and fund activities and events.


    The key to any successful PTO is involvement. The current members of the PTO board have already been meeting to organize the events list and priorities for next year, but we are only the tiniest fraction of our community. I can’t stress this enough - even if you can’t make it to PTO meetings, we still need you! Your participation can take many forms, from volunteering for an hour on Clean Up Day, helping in the classroom, joining a Board committee for one major event, or taking on a officer position on the Board next year.

    Anyone interested in serving on or chairing a committee for the upcoming school year should look for the Volunteer Opportunities Form distributed at the beginning of the school year. This form and information sheet briefly explains the volunteer activities at RCP and the ways to participate. We’ll use this info to help organize our events and make them all a success. Adding your voice will only make our school stronger.