• Attendance Notification

    To contact the office regarding attendance, please call our attendance voicemail line at 503-916-6227

    Please leave the following information in your attendance voicemail:

    • Student's first and last name
    • Homeroom teacher's name
    • Attendance Reason
      • Illness or Injury
      • Mental Health Day
      • Appointment
      • Vacation
      • Family Emergency
      • Religious Holiday
      • Funeral


    Attendance should be reported by 9:45am and include a Reason or students are marked Absent which generates an automated attendance call from PPS.

    • Elementary classes take attendance in the morning and in the afternoon.
    • Middle School classes take attendance at each period of the day: P1 8:45, P2 9:20, P3 10:25, P4 12:05, P5 1:10, P6 2:25.