• Attendance Notification

    To contact the office regarding attendance you can either:

    • call our attendance voicemail line at 503-916-6227 
    • email attendanceatses@gmail.com and your teacher

    Please leave the following information in your attendance voicemail/email:

    • Student's first and last name
    • Homeroom teacher's name
    • Attendance Reason
      • Illness or Injury
      • Mental Health Day
      • Appointment
      • Vacation
      • Family Emergency
      • Religious Holiday
      • Funeral


    Attendance should be reported by 9:30am and include a Reason or students are marked Absent which is unexcused and generates an automated attendance call from PPS.

    NOTE: Due to distance learning, we are taking attendance the following day (allowing students the opportunity to engage in DL throughout the day). If you receive an automated attendance call, it is for the previous day's attendance.