• Want to arrange a day trip for your class? On this page, find everything* you need:


    Teacher responsibilities:

    Field study coordinator (Kieran Cannistra) responsibilities:

    • Transportation:
      Kieran will request transportation for your trip.
      • Deadline for Kieran to submit request: Two calendar weeks before the scheduled trip. [So please get the request in to Kieran before her deadline.]
      • Information Kieran needs to schedule transportation:
        • Date of trip
        • Destination address
        • Time you'll be ready to leave SES
        • Time you need to be at your destination
        • Time you'll leave your destination
        • Whether or not students will be at SES for lunch
        • Latest you can return to SES
        • Number of students going
        • Number of adults (teachers and chaperones) going
        • Any additional details (for example: preferred TriMet route)

    • PPS field study forms and fun:
      Kieran will complete these forms:


    • Scheduling with destination: Kieran is available to help schedule a time for you to visit, get contracts in place, etc. Depending on the venue, this should be done weeks (and sometimes months!) ahead of your planned visit.

    • Update Christina about lunch: Every week, Kieran lets Christina know what classes will be off campus for lunch. If Kieran knows you'll be off campus for lunch, Christina will know, too.


    Important things to remember:

    • Transportation must be arranged at least two weeks before the date of the trip. (TriMet, in particular, is 100% inflexible on this point.)

    • If the field study involves costs (admission or transportation), please communicate with parents and guardians to collect contributions toward the trip and give what you collect to Michelle.

    • Depending on where you take your students, a particular ratio of chaperones to students could be required. Please check with the venue to ensure you have enough chaperones signed up.

    • Volunteer background checks can take some time to update in the system. Please ask all parents and guardians to complete the background check early in the year, to ensure all are available to chaperone trips and volunteer in the classroom.


    * Didn't find everything you need? Let Kieran know and she'll update the page. Trying to coordinate an overnight? Let Kieran know, and she'll work with you to get it scheduled and organized.