Visiting Volunteer

  • Portland Public Schools utilizes a visitor/volunteer management system for persons visiting schools. PPS is committed to ensuring our schools are safe places for our students and staff, and this system enables us to be certain we know who is in our schools at all times. Volunteers must first be approved and background checked by the district. To apply to be a volunteer, please visit

    This software system also enables PPS to screen visitors and volunteers against the sex offender registry. Names and date of birth are compared to the sex offender registry only. No other external sources are checked and the information you share is securely stored in an internal PPS database. Please note that registered sex offenders are not permitted to enter school grounds (View Policy:  Registered Sex Offenders 3.10.015-AD). All visitors/volunteers will need to wear the printed name badge that identifies their name, photo, the date and their destination.

    We thank you for your understanding and support of enhanced school safety protocols in our district.  

    Letter to Parents/Guardians Regarding New Visitor/Volunteer Procedures

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    Please bring a government-issued ID

    To enter a PPS school beyond the main office while school is in session:

    1. Present a Government-Issued Identification (ID). Examples include:

    • Driver’s License (from Oregon or another state)
    • State Identification Card (from Oregon or another state)
    • Passport ID Card 
    • Consular Card

    2. The school staff will scan your ID and print an official name badge.

    3. What if I do not have a Government-Issued ID?

    1. Provide your full name and date of birth and you will receive an official name badge. 
    2. On your next visit, please bring a government-Issued ID. 
    3. If you do not have one of the IDs listed above, bring in one or more documents you have that include your date of birth and photo, if possible. Once school staff can verify your identity, you will be able to sign in with just your name at future visits. Otherwise, you will need to sign in with your name and date of birth each time.