• Welcome to Markham SUN Community School 

    • What is SUN? SUN stands for Schools Uniting Neighborhoods. A SUN Community School is a place and support hub where schools and communities work together to support the success of children and families by providing a comprehensive array of services. Impact NW is Markham SUN’s parent agency. Your SUN Site Manager at Markham is Emily Neve and your SUN Extended Day Coordinator is Layla Omar. 
    • Are you interested in after school and summer enrichment classes? After school and summer programming is offered to 1st-5th graders throughout the school year in 8 week increments and 4 weeks during the summer for students attending the PPS Summer Accelerated Academy. Classes range from fitness to art, computers, reading and games and are offered Monday through Thursday 3-4:45 PM.  Registration is open for about two weeks prior to each term and information on how to register goes home with students through their classroom teachers. Most students will receive 1-2 days/classes per week and sometimes space allows for students to attend 3-4 days per week. Markham SUN after school program is donation based and open to all Markham students. 
    • Help out by teaching a SUN class! We are always looking for parent volunteers to teach their passion to the students in SUN! Do you love chess? Arts & crafts? Or knitting? Maybe you'd like to help kids build LEGO towers after school or lead relay races in the gym? Parent volunteers can be great teachers! Please get in touch if this sounds like a fun opportunity to you.
    • Do you need extra resources or help navigating the social service resource network? We provide assistance including: clothing resources, help with energy bills, monthly food boxes, and support during the holidays.
    • If you have any questions or ideas, please feel free to contact your SUN Site Manager:  Emily Neve 503-544-6433 (message or text), or eneve@impactnw.org