Site Council

  • How do schools increase student achievement and continue to get better? One way is through school-driven initiatives to improve curriculum, student engagement, and parent involvement.

    The Sellwood Middle School's Site Council is a mechanism for stimulating greater staff and community participation in the life and functions of the school. The main function of the Site Council is to support the implementation of Sellwood's mission and vision.  

    The Site Council also assists Sellwood Middle School in making decisions about how it is organized and helps with grant writing and implementation as needed. The Site Council is made up of staff and parents who strive to work collaboratively with all members of the school community to improve student achievement in knowledge, skills and attitudes.

    Frequently Asked Questions about Sellwood Site Council

    What exactly is the Site Council?

    The Site Council is a leadership group composed of our school administration, staff and parent/guardian representatives that works to increase student achievement, in compliance with the Oregon Act of the 21st Century and Portland Public School policy.

    What does the Site Council do?

    The Site Council works on:

    ·        The improvement of the school’s instructional program through the systemic review of the School Improvement Plan 

    ·        The development and coordination of plans to improve the professional growth of the school’s staff (needed to implement the school improvement plan)

    ·        The administration of  grants-in-aid for the professional development of teachers and classified district employees

    ·        Development and implementation of an effective, two-way communications plan with the school community around issues of school improvement and student achievement

    When does the Site Council meet?

    ·         Site Council will meet on the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays from 8:15 am to 9:00 am. 

    ·        All meetings will follow the Open Meeting Law of the State of Oregon – anyone is welcome to attend.