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    What is the Sabin School Foundation?

    ·         The Sabin School Foundation raises money to fund additional staff positions at Sabin School; additional staff– teachers, specialists, and educational assistants – can only be funded through a school foundation.

    ·         The Sabin School Foundation is run by parent volunteers and is an affiliate of All Hands Raised (the Portland Public Schools Foundation). One-third of funds raised above $10,000 go to the PPS Equity Fund to help schools that are less able to raise funds close the achievement gap.

    ·         Watch this video to learn more about local school foundations and the PPS Equity Fund.

    What does the Sabin School Foundation support?

    ·         The 2013-2014 school year is the first year in which the Sabin School Foundation was funded to support additional staff, with an allocation of $54,900 from the PTA.

    ·         Foundation funds are supporting full-time art instruction and supporting an MYP social studies staff position, helping to expand enrichment opportunities and reduce class sizes for all Sabin students.

    How does the Sabin School Foundation raise money?

    ·         In addition to receiving support from auction proceeds, the Sabin School Foundation seeks individual donations, which can be one-time or monthly donations.

    ·         Follow this link to make a secure online donation, or leave a check made out to “Sabin School Foundation” in the Foundation’s box in the main office.

    What can I do to help?

    ·         In addition to your financial contribution of any size, you can donate your time! Whether you’re able to commit to 1 hour per month, or week, or more, we welcome your energy and talents.

    ·         The Foundation Committee meets on the third Sunday of every month at 6:30 pm at Caffe Destino, 1339 NE Fremont. Please join us to learn more about the foundation, ask questions, and support Sabin by sharing your time and talents with the foundation committee. 

    More Information?

    ·         Contact Melissa Lindekugel at the Sabin School Foundation

    ·         Visit and ‘Like’ Our Facebook Page!