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  • On this site you will find resources for yourself and your student, including research databases, book lists, library events and updates, and citation makers.  My hope is to be able to connect all students with the tools they need to be 21st century learners and lifelong readers.

     Let's Get Reading!

     While we are learning remotely, I will be organizing a program called Let's Get Reading to get Harrison Park School library books to students and families.  Here are the basic ideas of the program:

    • Students in grades K-8 will be able to get a book bag with 5-10 books at various reading level and interests
    • Bags will be picked up and dropped off every other week at the school
    • All efforts will be made to follow COVID safety guidelines including: wearing a mask; using hand sanitizer; social distancing; leaving materials for at least 96 days to ensure that they are not contaminated before being sent out to a new family.

    There are specific days and times that families can pick up their book bags.  The times are as follows:

    • Students with last names beginning with A-M: 
      • Pick-up and drop-off during A Weeks
      • Wednesdays and Fridays, 8:30-12 and 1-3:30
      • First pick-up day:  Wednesday September 30
    • Students with last names beginning with N-Z:
      • Pick-up and drop-off during B Weeks
      • Wednesdays and Fridays 8:30-12 and 1-3:30
      • First pick-up day: Wednesday September 23

    Book bags can be picked up and dropped off at the library back door located on 87th Ave.  

    Books will be checked out to students for two weeks, after which time book bags should be returned and a new one picked up.

    If you have any questions about the book bag program, I can be reached by email at vpeacock@pps.net