• Schools Uniting Neighborhoods (SUN) 

    SUN Community Schools offer opportunities that support healthy child and youth development and family stability.

    At SUN Community Schools, the collective efforts of youth, parents, businesses, faith communities, libraries, and community organizations create a network of supports that ensure youth academic success and that communities thrive.

    SUN Community Schools: 

    • After school programs
    • Quality instruction, enrichment, and extracurricular activities
    • Links to food, shelter, and help with energy bills.
    • Many sites have on-site food pantries 
    • Connection to health and mental health services
    • Some sites have on-site school-based health clinics
    • Adult education and recreation such as English classes, computer skills, and Zumba
    • Parent and family activities and events
    • Community schools are open longer during the school year and in summer.

  • Latino Network 


    Latino Network knows middle school can be a difficult time for our youth, but it’s a pivotal time for goal setting. Our Conexiones afterschool program aims to support 7th & 8th grade students to develop self-confidence as Latinos/as and to achieve academically and socially.

    Conexiones facilitates discussions about culture and traditions, hosts positive Latino/a role models as guest speakers, and provides academic coaching. Conexiones students uncover their own power to thrive in and out of school through weekly topics including:

    • Time Management
    • Leadership
    • College Planning and Savings
    • Community Service
    • Career Exploration
    • Healthy Sexuality
    • Latin American Culture

    Colegio de Padres

    At Latino Network, family is at the heart of everything we do. Latino Network’s parent and family engagement programs honor your role and investment in your child’s future and complement our youth programs. Our Latino/a instructors empower parents with the tools and resources needed to be advocates for themselves and their children.

    Colegio de Padres, for parents of middle and high school students, hosts workshops that help parents, many of whom are immigrants, understand the educational system in the US and the challenges facing their children. Workshop topics include:

    • How to check academic progress and grades online
    • How to meet with your students’ teachers/principals
    • Saving for college
    • Strategies to discuss health and sexuality with your children
    • Monitoring your child’s use of Social Media and the Internet
    • Advocacy training
    • Biculturalism

  • REAP

    REAP is a year-round multicultural youth leadership program committed to empowering the next wave of leaders. REAP works with students in grades 3rd through 12th, who represent our most marginalized student populations. 

    We empower students to become global leaders through civic engagement, entrepreneurship and cooperative management (conflict resolution) for a better future NOW. In recent years, REAP has served more than +1,000 students each year.