• What's a S.U.N. Community School?

    Para saber más sobre la escuela de SUN en Jackson, llame al número abajo. Se habla español, inglés, y árabe.

    لمعلومات إضافية باللغة العربية عن مدرسة سان (SUN) رن على الرقم تحت۔ 

    SUN Schools offer fun after-school classes for you, your parents, and your community.  S.U.N. stands for Schools Uniting Neighborhoods.  The goal of the SUN School is to create a community hub at Jackson Middle School where parents, neighbors, teachers, and students all join in creative learning opportunities.  There are three terms of after school activities during the school year: Fall, Winter, and Spring. SUN classes run Monday through Thursday. The term dates are as follows:

    Fall:  10/2 - 12/7

    Winter:  1/16 - 3/8

    Spring:  4/9 - 5/31


    What type of after-school classes and services are offered through SUN School?

    Classes: Some of the past classes offered at Jackson include Homework Club, Mentoring, Girls' Group, Tae Kwon Do, Glass Fusion, Drumming, AKA Science, Yoga, Cooking, Sports, Chess, Cartooning, and more! We offer adult classes too! Let us know if you have a particular interest and we can try to set up classes based on your interests!

    Services: Talk to S.U.N. School about referrals for rental assistance, food boxes, and other basic needs. We have school supplies, backpacks, jackets, and many other resources to support Jackson students and members of the community.


    Who do I ask about SUN?

    You can reach the Jackson SUN Community School Manager, Elley Cannon, at ecannon@impactnw.org, (503) 916-6016 or by stopping by the SUN Community room, located in room D147 (near the cafeteria) at Jackson. We will also need parents and community members to teach classes and to volunteer in our homework club. Our non-profit lead agency is Impact NW.

    How can you get involved?

    One thing that you can do early on is let us know your ideas for SUN classes. If you have an idea for a class or activity that you would like to see offered here at Jackson, please stop by the SUN room and let your SUN Coordinator know.

    Contact Information:

    SUN Community School Site Manager

    Elley Cannon
    Jackson Middle School
    Jackson SUN Community School
    10625 35th Ave., Portland, Oregon 97219
    Room: D147 (near the cafeteria)
    Phone: 503-916-6016; Cell: 503-679-1545 
    Email: ecannon@impactnw.org