• Lent is a learning community where everyone is a learner and where we believe in educating the whole child. Staff members work collaboratively and cooperatively in creating a caring environment where a diverse group of children can learn to their highest potential.Lent teachers have studied and use all of the district's adopted programs, all with an emphasis on challenging children to increase their critical-thinking skills and engage in creative thought. Teachers emphasize integrated studies from a multicultural perspective and encourage creativity and reflection.

    Lent offers a Spanish/English dual language immersion program in grades K–6 with one grade added each year until fully implemented in K–8.

    Enrichment Activities
    Lent student's work and performances are routinely showcased at the school and in the Portland community. Upper-grade students are offered opportunities in service projects, leadership development, and field trips to experience live theater. Lent offers:

    • Art
    • Music
    • Physical Education
    • Library and Technology
    • School Counselor full-time
    • Lent Garden       

    Lent also has an active SUN Community School on site with classes and resources for children and adults.