About Us

  • Bridger is a K-8 school that celebrates its diverse community, engages the creative minds of its students and challenges kids to achieve their full potential. Located at the foothills of Mount Tabor in the Montavilla neighborhood, the school offers both a neighborhood and a Spanish-immersion program.

    Student Learning Environment

    • All children are valued for their own abilities, talents and individual learning styles.
    • Emphasis is placed on interactive, hands-on learning activities and problem-solving skills.
    • Teachers care. They make instructional decisions based on student data, so that instruction builds on student strengths.
    • Students are held to high academic and behavioral standards.
    • Art, music, library, physical education and technology classes are provided to students
    • Spanish Immersion uses the 90/10 dual immersion model with curriculum delivered 90% in Spanish the first year and 80% in the second year. This trend continues until a 50/50 ratio is reached in fourth grade and maintained in following years. Research indicates this is the best model for biliteral and bicultural academic outcomes for immersion students.
    • Instruction by English as a Second Language teachers, and Educational Resource teachers help students build literacy skills and meet individual needs.

    Enrichment Opportunities

    • SUN Community School provides homework help and enrichment activities (including art, music, theatre, soccer and other classes) for grades 1-8 after school
    • Champion Child Care provides before and after school programs
    • Battle of the Books builds literacy and teamwork skills
    • Family Events 
    • Class field trips

    Community Partnerships

    Bridger's community partners are SUN. We have strong partnerships with several of the local colleges–Portland State, Warner Pacific, Cascade College and George Fox–that help train student teachers for the future of education. Warner Pacific has also connected with Bridger as a community service location for its college students. Grace Baptist Church are our Community Care Day sponsors. We provide holiday assistance for families with the help of Grace Baptist Church, and our Bridger school community. Additinally, The Shadow Project has been collaborating with Bridger Elementary's special education teachers for the past 15 years, providing an incentives-based goal setting program and 80,000 title audio library. We would like to extend a thank you to all of our partners for the great help and support they provide Bridger School.