Volunteering with Portland Public Schools

  • Our first major volunteering opportunity for 2019-20 will be Project Community Care on Saturday, Aug. 24. Please click the above image to learn more.

    Thank you for your interest in volunteering for Portland Public Schools! In order to maintain a safe environment for our students, PPS requires volunteers to conduct the following steps prior to volunteering in schools. 

    1. Pass PPS' Volunteer Background Check.

    Volunteer Background Check Webpage
    Review the "Volunteer Code of Conduct" document located on the Volunteer Background Check webpage. Then complete the "Volunteer Background Check" online form. PPS conducts criminal records screening for all volunteers who have the potential for direct, unsupervised contact with students. This screening must be renewed every three years. If you have questions regarding the Volunteer Background Check, you may email securityservices@pps.net.

    2. Review the mandatory Child Abuse & Adult Sexual Misconduct Volunteer Training.

    Child Abuse & Adult Sexual Misconduct Volunteer Training PDF
    Review this document which contains important information regarding the identification, prevention and reporting procedures in case you observe any signs of child abuse or adult sexual misconduct while you are volunteering.
    *This training will be translated into more languages soon.
    **If you prefer to watch a video or want more information, visit PPS' Student Success and Health's webpage.

    3. Print and sign the Volunteer Confidentiality Agreement & return it to the school.

    Volunteer Confidentiality Agreement PDF
    PPS protects the confidentiality of our students. Any volunteer who violates this policy will be disqualified to volunteer. Please print and sign the two-page Volunteer Confidentiality Agreement, and bring it to the school where you volunteer. You may also ask for the form at the school if you cannot print it.

    4. Contact the school where you would like to volunteer.

    School Directory Webpage
    Once you have followed these steps and passed the Volunteer Background Check, you are qualified to volunteer for Portland Public Schools. Please contact the school directly where you would like to volunteer. If you would like assistance selecting a school site, email volunteer@pps.net

    Thank You! 

    The PPS Board of Education recognizes that volunteers provide valuable services in our schools, and encourages volunteer participation. Please refer to the following Board Policy and Administrative Directives for additional information on district policy on volunteers.
    Board Policy 7.20.020-P Volunteers
    Administrative Directive 7.20.020-AD Volunteers Program - Implementation
    Administrative Directive 5.10.141-AD Employee, Contractor and Volunteer Criminal History Verification


  • Corporations, community organizations and large groups who wish to do a volunteer project with PPS, please contact volunteer@pps.net