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    Right Brain Initiative Vision:
    The Right Brain Initiative transforms learning for all children through the arts, creativity, innovation and whole-brain thinking.

    Right Brain Initiative Values:
    Equity, Collaboration, Accountability, Sustainability

    The Right Brain Initiative has five goals:
    1. Diverse Arts Experience - All K-8 students engage in high quality experiences in a range of artistic disciplines where they create, perform or exhibit and reflect upon works of art made by themselves and others.
    2. Skills and Literacy for a Changing World - Through arts-integrated teaching and learning, students develop essential literacy skills in reading, writing and oral expression as well as 21st century skills: creativity, communication, collaboration and critical thinking.
    3. Professional Learning - Teachers, principals, arts specialists and artists build their capacity to serve students through ongoing training and reflective practice.
    4. Systemic Change - Schools, districts, arts organizations and members of the community work together to build efficient yet flexible systems that integrate the arts into classrooms and meet the needs of diverse learners.
    5. Measurable Impact on Student Learning - Multiple forms of assessment are used to demonstrate the value of creative learning and ensure high quality program design and implementation.