• Thursday's News

    Hello all and happy Thursday!

    Just a reminder that this is a 4 day weekend coming up due to our Furlough Friday and Memorial Day. Of course, your child may continue to access learning on their google classroom or Seesaw site, but teachers will not be posting anything new.

    Also a reminder that we are NOT doing the parade today...we moved it to NEXT Thursday, when it is supposed to be hot and sunny!

    Here is today's read aloud--- It is called Bravery Soup...these days it feels being brave is important and sometimes hard.

    I hope everyone is staying safe and sure feels like it has been a long,long time at home. Hang in there!

    Vestal Peace, Sabrina Flamoe

  • Today's Read Aloud
  • Tuesday- Same, Same, Different

    Hello all and happy Tuesday!

    Here is the read loud for today-

    I saw a few dance videos posted that are truly awesome! Remember, today is silly sock day! Please post a picture on the FB page if you'd like!

    Tomorrow is favorite activity, so start think ahead on that one:)

    Thursday will be Vestal Spirit Day and our 2nd Parade!

    Please keep in mind, both for the parade and daily activities, that social distancing, wearing masks, staying home mostly, and washing hands are still the most important things we can be doing for our community. It IS a Local Action! We all so want to be back together as a community, but the time isn't here..yet!

    Thanks all...enjoy the Spirit of the Week and keep engaging in school work!

    Vestal Peace, Sabrina Flamoe


  • Monday!!

    Hello! Welcome to a rainy Monday.

    Here are a few links you may want to check out...

    Today's Read Aloud...The Stray Dog-

    TownHall has some special messages for us and a teacher video you do not want to miss...

    Please have your child set some goals for class participation this week...teachers really want to see them!

    We all miss you so much...we  look forward to will to saying (or honking) hello at the parade this Thursday at NOON!

    Vestal Peace, Sabrina Flamoe

  • Tuesday! Last tool Review!

    Hello all...happy Tuesday. It has been a strange weather day for sure:)

    Today marks the last TOOLBOX Review. I'd love any feedback from any of you that watched a few...were they helpful? Not helpful? What would have made them better? Do you see your child/ren using the tools at home at all?

    Todays story is One Love...adapted from Bob Marley's is a sweet book and may be fun to introduce your child/ren to the song!

    Also, if you haven't yet, please consider sending your child/rens teacher a short note of thanks and appreciation....don't overthink it, just write one or two sentences and send it off! I can promise you it will be a welcome gift!


    Vestal Peace, Sabrina Flamoe

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  • Monday- Patience Tool and Read Aloud

    Hello all, welcome to Monday! Please see below for the Tool Review and Read Aloud.

    Also, please remember that this week is Teacher Appreciation Week for Vestal...of all my years as an educator, I can tell you that the most priceless gift for a teacher is a note about what you appreciate!

    Patience Tool...we all need this one!

    Read Aloud- The Day You Begin 

    AND last but not least...TownHall!

    Vestal Peace, Sabrina Flamoe


  • Thursday News!

    Hello all...happy SUNNY Thursday!

    Here is the Apology and Forgiveness Tool Review

    AND here is the read aloud:)

    Please remember to take a few minutes and consider participating in Teacher Appreciation Week next week!

    Many of you have likely heard about PPS beginning furlough days starting THIS WEEK.

    The basics of what this means is that all of us will be working Mon-Thurs. NOT Fridays. Of course your children are welcome to continue to do work on Fridays, but there will not be any new assignments or virtual classroom meetings.

    This decision will save 100 jobs in the Fall, which feels very hopeful!

    If you have questions, please email!

    Try to be outside today, the sun is good for us!

    Sabrina Flamoe

  • Teacher Appreciation News!!(and links)

    Hello Vestal families- happy Wednesday!

    Toolbox Review- Please and Thank you Tool! (One of my favs!!!)

    Read Aloud- RED!

    TEACHERS...STOP READING HERE...go do something else!!

    We need your help to APPRECIATE our teachers and staff!

    Daily Schedule for Teacher Appreciation-

    * Monday (4/11): SEND YOUR TEACHER A FLOWER DAY!  Parents/families- please ask your kids to
    draw/create/take pictures of a flower and send it to their teacher via email/google
    classroom/seesaw throughout the day.
    *Tuesday (4/12): PARENTS/Families APPRECIATE THE TEACHERS DAY! ADULTS, please write a note of
    appreciation via email/text/google classroom/seesaw to your child’s teacher/s expressing your
    appreciation. Consider sending to non classroom teachers, too! Kyle Connolly, Amy Steel, Michael Wahl, Brandon Burke.

    * Wed/Thurs covered by PTA and admin

    * Friday (4/15): MAKE YOUR TEACHER A VIDEO DAY!  Film your kids saying
    thank you to their teacher or telling them something they like about them (emails or written
    notes can be sent instead of videos too). Videos/notes can be sent via email, google classroom or

    If you have any questions about Teacher Appreciation Week, please email Kim Stave (PTA president) OR me!

    Vestal Peace, Sabrina

  • TuEsDaY!

    Hello all and happy Tuesday!

    Today's Tool is Taking Time in and Taking Time Away-

    Today's Read Aloud is called Green is a Chile Pepper-

    Hope you enjoy,

    Sabrina Flamoe

  • Lots of Links today!

    Hello all! Good morning Vestal community!

    A few links today...

    Toolbox Review-Welcome to my kitchen for the Garbage Can Tool-

    Today's Read Aloud- may inspire some outdoor art on this sunny day!-

    And...finally....TOWNHALL, always awesome!

    Hope today is a good day at a time:)

    Vestal Peace, Sabrina Flamoe

  • Fri/Sat- Using our WORDS/Read aloud

    Happy Saturday good reason I didn't send this out yesterday...I just forgot!

    So, here are a few things- Using Our Words Tool--

    I need a little feedback...if you would be interested in a "How is parenting going?" Google Meet, PLEASE let me know AND what time works best (please just email me)

    Read Aloud- 

    This book is called Somewhere in the is a nice reminder that the world is still a big beautiful community!

    A few things coming up-

    * May 4-8- Teachers are given the opportunity to come in to work in their classrooms a bit (cleaning, organizing, getting curriculum). So, their teaching schedules may be a little different this week...your teacher will let you know!

    * May 11-15- Vestal is celebrating Teacher/Staff Appreciation during this week! PTA will be informing you of details soon! (YES, many are celebrating this coming week, but We at Vestal like to beat to our own drummer, so...)

    * May 18-22- Spirit Week and Parade- student leadership is planning the dress up days...details coming soon!

    It feel like there are always changes these days, so this is our current plan, but please know that flexibility has been the name of the game the past 2 months...and that will continue!

    If you have ANY questions, concerns, wonders, ideas..PLEASE share them with me! We want to be here for any support needed! We have many Vestal staff that are doing amazing work every day and want to meet needs, so please reach out!

    Vestal Peace, Sabrina Flamoe