Principal's Message

  • Principal's Message 05/17/2024

    Hello Arleta Families,

    Our staff is so filled up from all the sweetness and care last week! Here are some notes of appreciation for our community.

    A simultaneous request! Everything you can do to get your child to school right before 8 (so they’re in class ready to start the school day by the 8:00 bell) and to help your child stay focused on school and learning is greatly appreciated! Across the grades, children get a little unsettled this time of year with looming changes to their schedules and circumstances, whether they’re changes that are looked forward to, changes there is some anxiety around, and/or everywhere in-between.

    I hope as many families as possible are able to miss or make it quickly through the viruses going around. We’re all washing hands a lot but we’ve had lots of staff and student illness the past few weeks. Stay healthy!

    For any absences that you can possibly avoid or postpone (appointments, vacation days etc.) -- I’ve heard a few teacher teams talking about the impact of student absences and tardies recently. When one or more students miss the concepts taught, the partner work begun or concluded, the work time on assignments, or even just when students come in late, finding a way to keep things going for students who were present and simultaneously catching students up is quite challenging. Everything you can do to have students here every day on time is so appreciated.

    A reminder our Site Council self-nomination for parents and caregivers is open though Tuesday, May 28. Here is the link, and here is the link to the Dolphin Digest with more on Site Councils.

    Have a great weekend!


  • Principal's Message 05/03/2024

    Hello Arleta Families,

    We had an adorable First Grade Parade today! Thank you to our entire community including our First Graders, their creative, organized, committed teachers, the Kellogg Band and of course, the Rosarians! It was so much fun seeing our whole community out together celebrating children and families… the theme of the floats!

    Seeking new or continued Arleta Site Council membership! Arleta Site Council election processes occur every two years. Please Indicate your interest here-- Parent/Caregiver Self Nomination Form

    What is a Site Council?

    School Site councils are made up of teachers, parents, non-certified staff, administrators and community members. There are no prerequisites! We’re looking for parents and community members who want to be part of improving the Arleta community for the benefit of our children, with an emphasis on student learning. Members actively participate by offering thoughts and opinions, volunteering on action items or even facilitating or co-facilitating.

    Who are the members of a Site Council and when does it meet?

    Our goal is a site council representative and inclusive of the diversity within our school community. Meetings are once/month: this year we met online from 5:30-6:30 the 1st Wednesday. We'll set meeting times and days with our new and/or whichever returning members who will make up our next Site Council membership.

    What will our Arleta Site Council do?

    Utilizing a process called “Improvement Science '' we identify a high leverage problem, develop an action plan, measure the impact of our action, then either expand the action, or revise it based on whether it leads to improvement. We identified Arleta’s school-wide goal of literacy opportunity gap, specifically interrupting barriers to strong reading achievement outcomes for our Historically Underserved students. We decided to support a love of reading and the joy of stories and reading to support increased literacy. We enacted our community-wide “Special Stories” project which you hopefully have been able to enjoy at school; if not, come take a look! Our next step is measuring and deciding whether to extend or enhance the project, or to adjust it.



  • Principal's Message 04/05/2024

    Hello Arleta Families,

    A reminder there IS school this Monday, due to our new calendar changes.

    This week, an outdoor learning highlight for you from Ms. Hedlund, and Arleta Summer Programming information.

    Our kindergarten team at Arleta is dedicated to making learning truly fun! This short video shows one way we do that, by authentically engaging our youngest learners' minds and bodies. Take a look: Outdoor Play at Arleta.

    Summer Acceleration Academy, which is a summer learning program offered by PPS staff and SUN or other partner organizations, has decided to use Arleta as a summer site this summer. Arleta students who qualify, as well as students from Woodstock, Marysville and Lent who qualify, are receiving invitations via email this past week (Historically Underserved students have priority registration this week) and next week. Students who qualify are K-2 students who are below grade level in word recognition and phonics according to their MAP (Measure of Academic Progress) winter Fluency Assessment and 3-5 students between the 1st and 40th percentile on comprehension score according to their winter MAP Growth assessment. Enrollment will be opened up to SAA runs July 1st - August 1st.

    The reason Arleta was chosen is that the other three school locations are closed for construction and/or repair this summer. Unfortunately, because of the lack of space, SUN will not be able to offer summer programming. Ms. Raina and I tried to find a way for both programs to be offered concurrently because we know how much our families and students love SUN Summer Camps. We are really sorry. We do hope families of students who qualify for SAA will take advantage of it, because Ms. Raina and Ms. Shea will be supporting that program, and it is a great opportunity for mastery of unfinished learning.

    Other options: here is a link for all other summer programming being offered through Portland Parks and Rec from 6/26 – 8/17. Registration opens 5/13 and will more than likely fill up. Please save 5/13/2024 in your calendar!


  • Principal's Message 03/22/2024

    Dear Arleta Community,

    We had such a wonderful All School Assembly today! The purposes were to celebrate our neurodivergent community at Arleta, and simultaneously to create a neurodivergent affirming community at Arleta. It was emceed by two 4th grade leaders, Hazel and Vivi, and included the voices and perspectives of our staff, interviewed by students Reid and Ethan, and included unique, meaningful and helpful contributions and insights from many of our students. Getting to listen to and experience our own student’s gifts and perspectives as they shared and led our growth as a community was so special and touching. And, the leadership and contributions of our joint parent and staff planning team and our staff contributors was also incredibly meaningful and powerful. The assembly was videotaped (thank you!) and will be posted on our Uniquely PTA website sometime in the coming weeks!

    Yesterday our School Climate Team reviewed staff, student and community feedback and has chosen Caring School Community as our Social Emotional Learning resource for next year and going forward. The reason we chose CSC is because our intention is to build a sense of belonging in our Arleta Community. By prioritizing a curriculum with a clear, cohesive scope and sequence we aim to cultivate a supportive atmosphere that grows from grade to grade. This approach supports students as they grow to feel valued, understood, and empowered to thrive academically, socially, and emotionally. The structure of Caring School Community supports our need for a Tier 1 (whole school) system that nurtures essential life skills such as conflict resolution, communication, building relationships across grade levels (cross-age buddies), emotional regulation, teamwork and collaboration. Embracing the Caring School Community curriculum reflects our commitment to cultivating well-rounded individuals who feel they are an essential part of our community and are equipped with the empathy and understanding necessary to contribute positively to our community.

    Specific components of Caring School Community that made us choose it:

    • Connection to Zones of Regulation, a tool we already use
    • Connection to our Peace Path
    • Activities for cross-age buddies
    • Spotlight student
    • Whole school cohesiveness and shared experience of Friday choice time
    • Cooperative learning structures

    Have a wonderful Spring Break, then see you all at 7:50-ish on Monday, April 1st.

    **On that note, a reminder that the school day begins in classrooms at 8 a.m., so students should be arriving prior to that, at 7:40 for breakfast or at 7:52 for the first bell. Students should be in class ready to go at 8 a.m. which is when the tardy bell rings.


  • Principal's Message 03/15/2024

    Dear Arleta Community,

    Happy Spring! What a wonderful difference the sunshine makes.

    Students are working hard and keeping us charmed as we work hard on their behalf. A few of our staff learning highlights this week were:

    • Our Instructional Leadership Team facilitated our staff meeting, leading us through a process to share student growth so far in “conventions” (capitalization, spelling, punctuation, grammar, handwriting) as we continue our process of encouraging students to improve in their fluency with the writing process, which will in turn help them communicate their wonderful ideas more easily and with more joy and confidence. This also helps their audience easily read and appreciate their ideas. We are seeing some exciting growth! One teacher was remarking how much giving their students immediate positive feedback on a sentence dictation was motivating students to try to improve. We’ll be displaying student work from each class at our Literacy & Art Night coming up Thursday 4/11.

    • Yesterday, many of our staff observed in the classrooms of four teachers who hosted 3-5 of their colleagues for “Learning Labs”. Our Instructional Coach, Ms. Horner organized a schedule and we prioritized some school funds for three guest teachers who covered the classrooms of teachers while they were observing. After the observations, we discussed all the ways we had observed the host teachers engaging their students in the cognitive work of the lesson, and thought about implications for our work with students in our own contexts. It was a generative experience that we plan to keep growing.

    A reminder that we’re hopeful for your perspectives in our process of selecting a new teaching tool for teaching Social Emotional Learning (SEL) starting next year. Please see the Remind message I sent yesterday evening, and/or last week’s Dolphin Digest article for more explanation of Social Emotional Learning including examples of SEL lessons.

    Areta Family/Caregiver Engagement SEL Program Selection Process

    • open the form for details and links to the videos for each program.

    • Staff and guardian one-page flier with information about each program.

    • Recording of CSC info session (vendor presentation recording)

    • Wayfinder vendor presentation recording: Video Link

    • PPS TSEL Website is a good place to learn more about the programs.

    • This page of the website talks about the selection process.

    I hope you have a wonderful weekend!


  • Principal's Message 03/08/2024

    Dear Arleta Community,

    Every day, students and teachers experience 20 minutes of Social Emotional Learning (SEL) together. This is a time and place where we focus on strengthening Identity, Agency and Belonging. Starting next year, our school will have a new resource for this important time of the day as well as integrated into all parts of the day (and even into all our functions and efforts together as a larger school community). Our goal is actually “Transformative” Social Emotional Learning, or TSEL, which means advancing educational equity and excellence, in the process of social emotional learning, through collaborative and trusting school-family-community partnerships. The idea is that TSEL can help address inequity and empower all in our community to contribute to Arleta as a thriving school.

    Please help us decide which resource is the best choice for our school and community! These are the two resources we will choose between: Caring School Community (K-5), and Wayfinder (K-8). You can learn more about each by exploring the links and opportunities below. Then, you can share your perspectives about which resource you think best meets our community’s strengths and needs via a google form I’ll send out next week.

    Here is a staff and guardian one-page flier that leads you into information about each program.

    This coming Monday the 11th at 4:30, there is a virtual presentation from the vendor for Caring School Community that I hope any of our parents and caregivers might be able to attend. Here is the LINK for joining that presentation.

    This past week there was a vendor presentation from Wayfinder. Here is the recording of that presentation: Video Link. Thank you to our Arleta parents who attended!

    Our office has printed fliers on the counter, and next week I’ll share a google form for you to share your voice about each of the resources and what you think will best support our school goals.

    Have a wonderful weekend!



  • Principal's Message 03/01/2024

    Dear Arleta Community,

    Black History and Culture Assembly

    Our K-2 and 3-5 Celebrations of Black History were amazing! Each class or grade level represented their learning through a presentation for the audience. Presentations were engaging, meaningful and joyful, representing the learning experiences teachers and support staff facilitated. Thank you to our fantastic planning team Ms. Blei, Ms. Maggie, Ms. Aud, Teacher Noah, Ms. Gault, Ms. Angie, Ms. Arias and Ms. Vidmar! And, a special thank you to Sheryl Moren who was able to come record each assembly for us-- you can soon find the recordings on our PTA Inclusion Committee webpage. In the meantime, here are our Assembly Slides that show what each class either performed or shared. Several of our classes are in process with longer term learning projects, such as graphic novels in Mr. Cooke’s class and a group movie project Ms. Doyle’s class is making with help from a local videographer and friend of Ms. Doyle’s, Ms. Angelique. The assembly reflected our staff and community commitment to elevating and celebrating the many meaningful, joyful and important contributions Black people among us bring to our daily lives, community and world.

    Staffing for 2024-2025

    click here to continue reading...

    Have a wonderful weekend!


  • Principal's Message 02/09/2024

    Dear Arleta Community,

    Happy Black History Month! We are striving to celebrate Black History Month by learning, celebrating and highlighting Black excellence, culture, joy and contributions within our teaching and beyond. And, seizing the opportunity to reflect and take action toward each person feeling welcome, included and valued in our community. We want to center the experiences and feelings of our Black students so our students feel celebrated, seen, appreciated and valued but not overwhelmed or put into uncomfortable situations such as feeling in the spotlight as one of very few Black students in any of our classes. Each grade level has utilized Oregon’s Multicultural Studies Standards to decide ways to learn and celebrate, and we’ll have a school wide assembly on Wed. February 28. Some classes will perform a song and we’ll view slides that show writing, artwork or video representing learning and experiences in other classes. We are excited to join together to celebrate as a school community.

    It is National School Counselor’s Week this week! Classes collaborated to make Ms. Aud and Ms. Jessica cards for their door, (pictures posted below) signed by all the students in the form of “Kelso’s Wheel” (a conflict management tool our school counselors teach and that we all use: it’s a wheel that presents choices children can use to solve their own problems). We are so fortunate to have such caring, skilled, fun and committed school counselors. Thank you Jessica and Aud, for all you do for our Arleta School Community!

    I’m thrilled to announce our new Music Teacher, Joy Schuett! She is still in the PPS onboarding process so we don’t have her official start date yet, but if it isn’t this coming week it will definitely be next week. Joy is sure to be a wonderful addition to our staff. She centers culturally responsive practice in her work, for example she exposes students to diverse musicians, music and instruments and introduces different types of instruments based on our student’s interests. Joy is excited about collaboration with colleagues and families as well as opportunities to create community engagement experiences and traditions for our school that match our student’s interests and identities. Here is an introduction she wrote for our community!

    Joy Autumn Schuett, is a passionate music teacher with 15 years of experience and a master's degree in music education from Seattle Pacific University. Joy believes every child is a musician and strives to make music enjoyable and accessible for students of all levels and backgrounds. With a diverse teaching style encompassing classical, pop, rock, jazz, and musical theater, Joy believes every child is a musician. Beyond teaching, Joy is a composer, producer, and recording artist who has performed at festivals like SXSW and had an album make the 2019 GRAMMY® Awards ballot. Joy looks forward to contributing to this wonderful community at Arleta.

    It’s been a week of work, learning and growth! This week, even in early February in the midst of being tired and a week of supporting plenty of challenging things, I heard several staff share how much they love our staff and community, and their work. I so love working with our staff and community. We are here for you. Please let us know questions or anything you would like to share.

    Have a great weekend!



  • Principal's Message 02/02/2024

    Dear Arleta Community,


    Happy February! It’s hard to believe it’s time to begin planning for our incoming kindergartners for next year. This week Ms. Hedlund, Ms. Arias and I had fun making our “Welcome to Arleta” video for the Kindergarten page on our website. If you know any families with children who will turn 5 by September 1st, please let them know to check our website or give our office a call for information about our incoming kindergarten events beginning later this month. Hurrah for kindergartners!


    Our district is also beginning to prepare for next school year and that includes a draft school year calendar (next paragraph) and a process called “staffing”. This is the number of staff the district allocates to each school, and is based on school enrollment. The #1 thing you can do to support Arleta is to spread the word to all families in our boundary to enroll their children at Arleta! I’ll share specific staffing information with you as soon as I have it. What I can tell you for sure right now is we’d love to have some new 2nd graders enroll (who would be 3rd graders next year) because our overall 2nd grade, which is currently two classes, is right at the PPS class size threshold for 2nd grade (32). If you know current 2nd graders who might love Arleta, please tell them all about us, and/or have their family call our office: 503.916.6330.


    At the January 9th school board meeting, PPS leadership presented the proposed draft for the 2024-2025 school year calendar: 24-25 School Calendar. The new contract with PAT led to several shifts between this year's and next year's calendars that are important to be aware of. If you have questions or comments regarding the proposed calendar, you can share them by visiting



    Our Dolphin Drive fundraiser has officially begun! Your children can decorate then return their dolphins from the coloring sheet they received to the office, and as we get donation cars full of dolphins, children’s dolphins will get to ride our goal-a-coaster! We need riders, so please participate! You’ll be helping our school reach our goal of $7500 to support crucial programming serving students, teachers, and our broader Arleta community. Every dollar counts-- CLICK HERE to donate today! Please see the additional important information included further below.


    Thank you for being such awesome dolphins everyone, and have a great weekend!


  • Principal's Message 12/15/2023

    Hello wonderful Arleta families,


    Our School Climate & Counseling Team has created some joyful daily activities that teachers may be integrating into the regular learning schedules next week, to provide students with something special to look forward to on each of our added school days. Here are some things you might hear about, depending on what your child’s teacher designs! Monday Ugly Winter Sweater Day: Classes will decorate a large cutout of a knit sweater however they like to post in the hallway to decorate our school for winter! Tuesday Game/Quiz Day: Students might play board games or online school appropriate pre-approved games, do fun all class quizzes to review material, etc. Wednesday Snow day: Ultimate recycled-paper Snowballs and/or paper snowflakesThursday Reading + Stuffie Day: Bring a good book and a stuffie from home to read in class and enjoy special read-aloud visits from various staff. Friday Movie Day: Movies in the classroom for our school-wide dolphin celebration -- because each of our classes has earned a Big Dolphin! This means each class has been recognized at least 20 times this year by other staff members, for following school-wide expectations in our common areas (bathrooms, hallways, playground, cafeteria and classroom).


    I want to let you know that next week we will have a guest administrator, Gene Bivens, who used to be the Assistant Principal at Arleta when we were a K-8. This is because I’ll be in New Zealand visiting both of my kids! This is a trip I planned for winter break pre-strike, and while I’m pretty excited, it will still be hard to be away while school is in session. However I know our staff and Mr. Bivens, along with our awesome kids and community, will make it a great week! In addition to the Spirit Week activities above, teachers are planning all kinds of other fun things in addition to a continuation of meaningful learning goals and routines.


    Here are our rescheduled conference dates for after winter break: Wednesday and Thursday evenings January 10th and 11th then the following week Tuesday, January 16th and Wed. the 17th, between 3:30-6:30 all four nights. Sign-ups for conferences will be sent out in next week’s Dolphin Digest, shared via teachers and linked on our website. We strive for all families to have a conference, so we really appreciate parents signing up right away. A reminder that children are welcome to attend their own conference, too. More information will be shared with the sign up link next week. Thank you!




  • Principal's Message 12/08/2023

    Hello wonderful Arleta families,


    I am so excited that tomorrow is our Arleta Winter Bazaar. For those of you who are new to Arleta, this is a beloved annual tradition where the students are the makers selling their wares. It is a great opportunity to support student creativity, have fun with the community, and do a little shopping. I’m looking forward to seeing what our student vendors have made, partaking in some bake sale goodies, checking out our Dolphin Spirit Wear, and saying hello to families and kids.


    Tomorrow is also the last day of the Scholastic Book Fair. A good part of the proceeds from the book fair come back to Ms. Street to purchase books for our library. The Bazaar will take place in the cafeteria (accessed through the breezeway), and the Book Fair will be in the library. Both events will take place between 11am and 2pm.


    Ms. Aud shared two wonderful parenting resources we thought we’d share here: an online (zoom), NAMI Basics peer-led educational course for parents and caregivers of youth up to age 21 experiencing mental health barriers and/or behavioral challenges. The class meets weekly for six weeks on Tuesday evenings from 5-7:30, January 9th-February 13th.

    See a flyer here. Register online here.

    And, a drop-in Parent Support Group for parents and caregivers of children/adolescents experiencing symptoms of a mental health condition and/or behavioral challenges, on the first & third Wednesdays of every month from 4:00 PM - 5:15 PM, also online via Zoom. You can join the notification list here to receive group reminders and meeting links.

    For more information, contact Alyssa Carnes (she/her/hers), Program Coordinator, Community Programs, NAMI Multnomah.

    Hope to see you tomorrow, and have a wonderful weekend!



  • Prinicpal's Message 11/26/2023 Strike is over!

    Hello Arleta families, caregivers and students,
    I am grateful to be reaching out to you to reiterate the news that our District and the Portland Association of Teachers have reached a tentative agreement. Our Arleta Staff is so pleased to welcome your student(s) back to school tomorrow (late start: 10 a.m.). We’ve missed seeing everyone and hope that students are also excited to return to class(es) with their teachers and friends.
    Below you will find information to help you prepare your student to come back to school.
    Reopening date/time: Classes will resume tomorrow, Monday, November 27 on a two-hour delay, with all programs and services otherwise running as usual, including after school programs. Breakfast and lunch will both be served (Breakfast begins at 9:40.)
    K-5: Borrowed Devices: Please be sure to send back any borrowed chromebooks and chargers with students tomorrow. Teachers will be checking the items back in, so please connect with your student's teacher if there are any issues in returning the technology.
    Changes to school calendar: The District and the Union have agreed to make up our 11 lost instructional time on the following days:
    Dec 18-22 (previously week 1 of the winter break)
    January 26 (previously a professional development day for staff)
    February 19 (President’s Day holiday)
    April 8 (previously a professional development day for staff)
    June 12-14 (the dates set aside for inclement weather)
    Quarter grading and conferences: Quarter 1 report cards will be sent home on Friday, December 8th. Information about rescheduled conference dates will be provided soon.
    Rescheduled events will be updated as always in our weekly school newsletter, The Dolphin Digest. Please check your email for last week's if you haven't yet seen it. Please note that because the re-entry is more rushed than I anticipated without time to plan with staff, we will not be having an all-school assembly after all as I described in last week's Dolphin Digest. Instead, teachers will present the assembly content in classrooms.
    Thank you so much for your patience, understanding, and support during this challenging time. Our staff will be working hard to re-establish our classroom communities to create focused and productive learning environments that ensure the best outcomes for our students.
    And, thank you for being an essential part of our school community. If you have any questions or need further information, please feel free to reach out to any of our staff: 503.916.6330.

  • Principal's Message 11/21/2023

    Dear Arleta Families and Guardians,


    As we head into Fall Break within this very different November, I want to express gratitude for our community and excitement for us to all be back together again soon. Once students return our staff will prioritize re-envisioning what it means to be an Arleta school community member so we can launch right back into learning. To this end we’ll have our first all-school assembly of the year on our first day back (hopes are now focused on Monday, November 27th). We’ll use our new school motto “I am because we are” to talk about what community means and our goal of focusing on relationships, and learning with and from each other. (For those of you who couldn’t hear me at Back to School Night 🤣our overall goal with having a motto is to help us stretch ourselves from where we are now, to ensuring a sense of belonging, love and joy for every single one of our students.)



    It would be wonderful to hear from some students and/or from any of you: What does it mean to be an Arleta School Community Member? How do we show love and care for each other at Arleta? What does our Arleta motto mean to you? If your child or you would be willing to share any thoughts, please send a quote or quick video to me - - it would be sweet to include some student or family voices in our assembly slides!


    Teachers will also re-launch their positive classroom cultures through showing pictures of what it looks like when students are learning and following expectations, reminding students what the classroom agreements sound and look like in action, and what happens when there are unexpected behaviors using our school-wide “Response to Unexpected Behaviors” poster (it describes a progression teachers use to guide students to make successful decisions: Reminder, Make a change, Think Time, Communicate Home). We’ll have our school-wide “Common Area Expectation Rotations,” where each class rotates around to a staff-guided reminder of expectations in our bathrooms, cafeteria, hallway, playground, and classrooms. Classes earn “dolphins” from any staff for being witnessed following these expectations, and once every class has earned at least 20 dolphins (which equals the big dolphin you see on the poster outside the office) we do something special as a whole school community, such as watching a movie or having a special treat together.


    Have a wonderful Fall Break and so hoping to see you all very soon!


  • Principal's Message 11/17/2023

    Dear Arleta Parents and Caregivers,

    This afternoon we were honored and privileged to have the most beautiful and meaningful Native American dance, drum and singing performance in our auditorium. Thank you to Lisa Jackson, our own Arleta mom, who offered to share her own culture and identity with our students and staff through the performance and also by teaching us orally. Your children were so engaged and so beautifully respectful as they watched, transfixed at the sound, sight and spirit of our presenters, who represented several clans thus several different categories of dance, song and Native American culture. The spotlight dancer was five years old! Earlier this month, Lisa shared with our PTA, also in a very meaningful way and with special presentations and story. Thank you also to Sheryl Moren, our PTA Inclusion Committee Chair, and Melissa Sircy, Inclusion Committee, for this connection!

    Our staff’s thoughtful and excellent work helping students understand the opportunity and meaning they would experience this afternoon, and practicing assembly routines, was important to the success of this first assembly of the year! Teachers have been bringing Tribal History forward to students this month. The state of OR created a Tribal History/Shared History curriculum in partnership with the 9 federally recognized tribes of Oregon two years ago, and PPS staff are teaching the 9 essential understandings that make up the curriculum across all K-12 schools. One of many things our staff identified as important for our students to understand is that for decades, our state’s public school curriculum has mischaracterized, minimized or completely left out the rich culture and vital contributions of Native Americans. Today, our school community was enriched and honored as they got to feel, listen, hear and learn. Because the dance experience, especially for Native American youth, is very private, we don’t have photos to share, but be sure to ask your children to share what they learned and thought!

    Conferences are this coming week! We’re looking forward to meeting or re-connecting with you. 90% of students are now signed up! Please don’t hesitate to ask for help getting signed up. You can call the office for assistance Monday morning or text me any time (503.348.3982) -- it’s fine to text over the weekend and I’ll be in touch with you as soon as I can. Conferences are 8-8:30 pm this coming Monday and Tuesday, Nov. 21 and 22. You'll find the sign up link at the top of this newsletter, and also further on.

    A note on attendance-- our staff and district know there are times when absences are unavoidable due to illnesses or unforeseen circumstances. We also want to make sure parents and caregivers know that the district goal is for students to be at school at least 90% of the year, which means missing less than 17 school days total. To help you track how things are going with your student, we’ll provide attendance updates if attendance is below 90% (including excused and unexcused absences). Hopefully this information will be helpful guidance for the remainder of the school year. We welcome and value all student and family voices and want your feedback in regards to your student's attendance as we strive to create a joyful, inclusive, supportive, and/or better learning environment.

    Have a wonderful weekend, and see you next week for conferences.




  • Principal's Message 11/10/2023

    Dear Arleta Families and Guardians,

    We miss your children! I hope they’re finding lots of reasons to smile and ways to make you smile. We continue to dearly appreciate our community’s care and support for our wonderful Arleta teachers and staff, and know our community is united in hoping for an agreement to be reached and for school to resume.

    A reminder to all families to please sign up for Parent/Teacher (and students are welcome) Conferences which are still being planned for Monday, November 20 and Tuesday, November 21, between 8 a.m. - 7:50 p.m. It’s so important to take part in these conferences… when children see their family and school come together to share and discuss their strengths, to listen to them share what’s going well and what’s feeling challenging, it shows your value for the place they spend so much of their time (soon we hope!) and it really increases their success with and commitment to all levels of learning-- academic as well as social emotional.

    Here are the basics (For full details you can look back to the Oct. 20 Dolphin Digest):

    • Use to register for your 20 minute conference.

    • Watch this video to learn how to sign up.

    • Families with more than one household: we ask you to schedule one conference per child.

    • If you have several children attending Arleta, click on “Register for Multiple Conferences” and follow the prompts to schedule your children for several conferences.

    This week is National School Psychologist Appreciation Week! Our Arleta School Psychologist, Jacquie Webb (Jac) is at Arleta on Mondays and Tuesdays and is a valued addition to our school community this year, serving and supporting our Arleta students and community in many important ways: support for students’ learning and mental and behavioral health, collaborating with families, teachers, principal and all staff as relevant to improve student support strategies and outcomes, serving on our school safety and crisis teams, and collaborating with community providers to coordinate needed services. Please join me in recognition of and appreciation for our School Psychologist, Jac!

    As always, please know that René, Nicole and I are here at school daily from 8am - 3:30 pm. Please reach out if you have any questions or needs. 503.916.6330.

    Take care and hope to see you soon,


  • Principal's Message 11/03/2023

    Dear Arleta Families and Guardians,

    I hope you are all doing as well as possible during this unsettling time. We miss your children! Hopefully we will all be back together at school soon.

    November is National Native American Heritage Month, making November an opportunity to celebrate our Native students, and highlighting the importance of always celebrating our Native students! One of our staff’s goals is to learn what specific ways Arleta Native families think the heritage month could be celebrated, and also, how Native culture and celebrations could be brought forward and elevated throughout the year. The goal of learning from the expertise and richness within our own community actually originated last month during Latiné/Hispanic Heritage Month. For Native American Heritage Month and also for Latiné/Hispanic Heritage Months, Black History Month, and the other upcoming Heritage Months, we’d love to hear the voices and perspectives of our families in hopes to create ways to celebrate that feel honoring to your family and culture, whether a space, an event or anything that feels meaningful.

    I hope that even within the various challenges and however long or short the strike ends up, you can find even just a little bit of time to walk or play outside with your children, or to play and talk in new, fun ways. I know in today’s world creating that kind of space (space without screens!) can be difficult. Even a very few minutes of unstructured play with you is very beneficial!

    A few other notes or updates specific to the strike: I want to offer a heartfelt and special thank you to our paraeducators and educational assistants who are part of a different union and who are busy pivoting to new work they’ve been assigned to during the strike. Thank you to our community for all your support of our beloved Arleta teachers and staff, and simultaneously, your resilience with the many challenges and complexities many of you are undoubtedly facing.

    Report cards for the first quarter will be delayed. Once school is back in session and we have more information about report cards, we will share that with you.

    Ms. Candice is providing grab and go breakfast and lunch services 3 days per week, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays during the strike, between 11:30 AM and 1:00 PM in our breezeway. Meals are free for all current PPS students and any children in your home ages 1 to 18 years old, and students do not need to be present to pick up the meals.

    Sooner or later an agreement will be reached and we will happily be welcoming your students back to school. Until then, please know that our two administrative assistants, Ms. René Viloria and Ms. Nicole Francois and I are here at school every day from 8am - 3pm. Please reach out if you have any questions or needs. 503.916.6330.




  • Principal's Message 10/27/2023

    Dear Arleta Families and Guardians,

    I want to acknowledge the uncertainty families, and I’m guessing all in our community, are feeling at this time with a teacher strike pending and as we head into next week. Here are the links to both the PAT Parent FAQ page, and the PPS Family Resources During A Strike websites.

    Our Arleta community is strong and connected, and we are here for each other. The websites above have a lot of information for you, and be in touch if I can help your family or child in any way.

    Hope to see you at our Fall Family Dance tonight!



  • Principal's Message 10/20/2023

    Dear Arleta Families and Guardians,

    Parent/Teacher (and students are welcome) Conferences will be held on Monday, November 20 and Tuesday, November 21, between 8 a.m. - 7:50 p.m. Here are some more details:

    • There will be no school for students on those days.

    • Conferences will be held in-person, with your child's teacher, in your child's classroom.

    • Arrangements can be made, if you request a virtual/remote conference.

    • Starting at 5pm on Oct. 20, use to register for a 20 minute conference.

    • Watch this video to learn how to sign up.

    • Please contact your child's teacher with specific questions.

    • If you have already been contacted by an interpreter to schedule a conference, you do not need to use to sign up for a conference.

    • Families with more than one household: we ask you to schedule one conference per child.

    • If you have several children attending Arleta, click on “Register for Multiple Conferences” and follow the prompts to schedule your children for several conferences.

    • After you schedule a conference online, the date and time are reserved for you. If you entered your email address correctly, you will receive email confirmation of your conference.

    • If you are unable to sign up for a time and date online, please send a note with three preferred times and dates to your child’s teacher.

    We really hope all of our families will attend conferences. When children see their family and school come together to share and discuss their strengths, and listen to them share what’s going well and what’s feeling challenging, it really increases children’s success and it makes them feel special.

    Thank you, and have a wonderful weekend!


  • Principal's Message 10/13/2023

    Dear Arleta Families and Guardians,

    Across our Arleta classrooms we are focused on academic learning and how to ensure everyone in our community feels part of and essential to a caring, supportive classroom and school community. Read more here about some ways staff across our school are leading this work, and ways we are working on this as adults, too.

    Our paraeducator Mr. Andrew is on paternity leave. He and his wife have just brought Cecily Rose into our world and Arleta Community this past Wednesday, October 11!

    A warm Arleta Welcome to Mr. Andrew’s guest paraeducator, Todd Gienger. Here is an introductory message from Todd for our community:

    My name is Todd Gienger. I’m currently a student in Pacific University’s Master of Ed. program. I’m very excited to join the community at Arleta for a few weeks as a para while Andrew settles into life as a Dad. I spend most of my time outside of school and work hanging out with my two children. We’re an active bunch, spending our time camping, hiking, and taking weekend getaways to the coast. I love cooking, gardening and working through the pile of books I keep on my bedside table. I’m excited to get to know the staff and students at Arleta over the next few weeks. What a great opportunity to build my own practical skills, and contribute to a great experienced team.

    Have a wonderful weekend, and please reach out with any questions or if you have anything to share. (please use “message from Arleta parent” in your subject line) or text: 503.348.3982




  • Principal's Message 10/06/2023

    Dear Arleta Families and Guardians,

    Here it is October! November will also come along, so I wanted to make sure everyone puts our November conference dates on your calendars: Monday, November 20 and Tuesday, November 21. (Students won’t have regular school that whole week.) Our staff is in process preparing our conference schedules, and within a week or two, we will send out a live link to the same online signup system we used last year (the system is called MyConferenceTime.)

    On those two days, conference slots will be between 8 a.m. through 7:30 p.m. (the last evening conferences will end at 7:50 p.m.). We’ll offer both virtual and in-person conferences. (Our staff will be at Arleta, but we’ll provide a virtual link for families who request to join that way, and interpreters where scheduled will also join virtually.) We will be connecting and scheduling with families who need interpreters. Families with more than one household: we’ll be asking you to schedule one conference per child. November conferences are a really important opportunity for family and teachers to discuss each child’s learning strengths and next steps, including setting just right goals and actions for a powerful and joyful year of learning and growth for each and every child-- please prioritize and hold those dates of Nov. 20 and 21!

    Another event to add to your calendars is our parent-volunteer facilitated “Arleta Fall Dance”. A note on Halloween since October 31 will be coming before we know it: we know some of our families do and other families do not celebrate Halloween. Costumes will be welcome yet optional for our Arleta Fall Dance. (Please no weapons or masks). Our policy for the school day on Halloween (Tuesday, Oct. 31) is that children should not wear costumes to school.

    Our Arleta community is working really well together thanks to your wonderful children and selves, and our fantastic, hard-working yet fun-loving staff. Thank you all for your partnership with us on so many levels. As questions, observations and insights come up, we want to hear from you. We benefit so much from learning what you know works well for your child.