• Principal's Message 09/08/23

    Arleta School Back to School Night - Thursday evening, September 14, 5:30-7 pm


    Our staff is excited for our first full community event of the year coming up next week! We hope that all families will be able to attend our Back to School Night with your child(ren).


    Back to School Night is such an important time to come together as a school community… to connect, share and learn about important aspects of the school year. We want to connect, listen to and learn from you, as much as we have information to share. We’ve designed the evening with that goal in the forefront.


    • The evening opens at 5:30 with a casual meet and greet out in front of school for all staff and families.

      • From 5:30 - 6:30, our support teachers (ELD Teacher, Reading Interventionists, School Counselors, Special Education staff, School Secretary, myself), Specials teachers (PE, Art, Library, Music Specialists), and community partners (SUN, YMCA, PTA) will be stationed at tables lined up just past the sidewalks out front, or mingling about, to connect with you all. Classroom teachers will also mingle with families from 5:30- 5:50.


    • At 5:50 our staff will gather on the front steps and introduce ourselves, then teachers will go to classrooms and families will be able to visit classrooms between 6 and 7.

      • We will offer two informal sessions in classrooms: one at 6:10 and one at 6:40 so families with two or more children can visit both classrooms. (For families with three or more Arleta children, if you can bring more than one adult, you could divide up and attend more sessions.)

      • For those of you with one child you can choose either session.


    • Classroom sessions are informal (with variation according to individual teacher design), because we’ll formally share the content we want you to receive about the school year through google slide presentations ahead of time.

      • Teachers will send these slides to you early next week through the Remind app or email, and we’ll also link them to our website. We ask families to preview slides ahead of time so you come on Thursday night already having seen this content.

      • That way, during classroom visits, you can ask clarifying questions of the teacher(s). Children will be excited to share some of their learning so far, various areas of the classroom, or even engage in a special activity with you.


    Below are details in table form, then look for your classroom teachers’ email. Slide presentations will also be linked on our Arleta Website (Front page/pale green bar, and “Academics” tab 2nd from left in the yellow bar) early next week.

    You are so valued and integral to our efforts and success serving your children, and we are striving to work and serve in ways that ensure you and your child feel connected, valued and excited about the year ahead!

    Our staff and I deeply value this opportunity to connect with and learn from you all next week. If you won’t be able to attend, please look at the slides your teacher will send (or find them on our website starting early next week) then reach out to your child’s teacher or any other staff if you have anything to share or ask, so we can connect with you individually. We look forward to partnering with you all in creating experiences that will lead your child to believe in themselves and authentically engage in joyful, engaging learning and growth this school year.