• Newsletter December 4th 2020

    Dear Beach Parents and Caregivers,


    Thank you for your partnership during conferences the past few weeks, and for the resulting improvements for all our Beach students!  Teachers have been expressing so much appreciation for the opportunity to hear from you, and for your help knowing the best ways to support each child.  Several teachers were describing things parents thought teachers understood but teachers didn’t yet, and things they thought parents knew but parents actually didn’t yet. The result for children when teachers and parents are on the same page is always better for their learning (even though it usually means more effort required from them!)


    Each week when teachers meet as grade level teams they share the main learning targets (what students should understand and be able to do after any lesson) for their students with our specialist team, so specialists can weave this content into their work with students, too. Here’s a snapshot for you of what’s happening across the grades in the area of literacy:


    Kindergarten: Becoming a community as a reader; learning the “superpower” of pointing at words as you read and connecting images to words from the book

    1st grade: Informational text and “how to” writing

    2nd grade: Non-Fiction reading and writing, phonics assessment

    3rd grade: Sharing a personal story that can turn into a personal narrative 

    4th grade: character’s identity

    5th grade:  Informational Texts for reading (comprehension focus) and writing (report writing); learning to take notes from videos of read alouds of informational texts


    As a whole staff we have been reflecting about race and racism in our school community. We are working to know what we can dismantle and interrupt in our school systems as well as what we can own personally, and to grow our practices around personal reflection. We’re striving to hear and consider multiple perspectives, to speak and listen to each other about our perspectives and experiences honestly and with humility. And, to center each and every one of your beautiful children, who we love and who we can’t wait to listen to, support and hug in person.  But in the meantime, we’re listening, supporting, and sharing our care in this new digital reality… please let us know if there is something we can do better for you or yours.


    I also wanted to share a resource that might be helpful to you: one of our district teams is creating a series of short, concise resources to support families called 'At-Home Strategies for Distance Learning'.  New tools are added regularly; by clicking the above link you’ll find tools for: Noticing My Emotions. Emotions Check-Ins, Emotion Labeling. Empowering Choice, Break Options. Visual Schedule, Alternative Seating. Calm Spaces.  Also, I hope you’re utilizing our amazing School Counselor Ms. de Boer’s website for her weekly message and mindfulness exercise, links to our student unions (children are welcome to join in with a student union at any time; simply click the relevant link) and other resources.


    Take good care of yourselves.


    Hello Everyone!!


    I hope you are all doing well!!! I am excited to share that Virtual Chess for Success is here!!!! It will be held every Tuesday and Thursday from 3:30p-4:30p with our awesome new coach, Honni Brown! Woohoo!!! 


    Here is an introduction to our community from Coach Honni:


    Hi everyone! My name is Honni and I am so excited to start chess for success at Beach. This is my second year teaching chess, my first time over the internet. I’ve only been playing chess for about a year and half. I’m proof anyone at any age can learn and love it! I fell in love with the game and how it challenges my mind. I play almost everyday. I can’t wait to become part of the Beach family. 


    Beach rocks! Please see this flyer. The first step in signing up is the online permission slip at: Chess for Success Virtual Permission Slip or in Spanish at: Ajedrez para el Éxito Hoja de Permiso Virtual

    -Honni B 


    Missing Wooden Earring found in Beach parking lot. Please reach out to the front office if you recognize it. 

    Missing earring