• 6th Grade Electives


    Film Studies

     In this elective you will learn to watch movies with an educated eye. We start with some background on the history of film, then we look at film techniques such as camera angles, musical scores, and special effects. We will watch some of the very earliest black-and-white silent films, then move on to comedies, musicals, adventure, and of course, animation. We will mix it up with some old and new favorites, and you’ll have a whole new appreciation for the movie industry.

    Creative Writing

    In this class, we will unleash our imaginations and explore the power of story. Through engaging writing prompts, group discussions, and individual projects, students will develop their storytelling skills, flex their literary muscles, and discover their unique writing voices.


    In the middle years, it is important to facilitate student artists in the development of their own self-awareness, personal abilities, and talents. In this class, students learn to use visual art as a means to express emotions and apply critical thinking skills. Students also use sketchbooks to understand how visual planning and organization play vital roles in the art-making process. Some key components of the Laurelhurst School Art program include: 

    Appreciating and understanding the importance of the visual arts in society

    Cultivating and developing skills in various artistic media

    Creating an exciting and safe environment that allows students to be inspired and inquisitive

    Creating art based on one’s own experience, identity, imagination, and observations


    Engineering Design 




    Team Sports/Recreational Games: With a focus on "team," this class will explore vigorous components of exercise associated with team sports and games. Focus will include, but not be limited to, skill development, game concepts, and team interactions. Students in this course will leave equipped with the tools necessary to pursue physical activity in the team setting now and for a lifetime. 


    Personal Fitness/Individual Sports: For the individual seeking a healthy lifestyle outside the traditional sport setting, this class looks to broaden students' view of the fitness realm. Activities will focus on various components and means of personal fitness as well as achieving personal fitness through individual sports. Students in this course will leave equipped with the tools necessary to pursue individual physical activity now and for a lifetime. 




    Health:  This class will focus on Alcohol, Tobacco/Nicotine and other drugs as well as nutrition. At the end of the quarter, we will focus on  healthy relationships and sexual health. All curriculum that is used comes directly from PPS.  Families are welcome to excuse their student from any parts of the healthy relationships/sexual health unit.   




    7th & 8th Grade Electives


    Advanced Team Sports/ PE Elective    

    In addition to required PE, students can take an elective PE course called Advanced Team Sports. Students will have opportunities to participate in competitive games and learn team sport strategies.   



    2D Art   

    Students will be introduced to Art through a variety of mediums (2D, ceramics, textiles, printmaking etc) and will examine both contemporary and historical artists to gain inspiration.  


    Students will explore diverse topics surrounding social justice in regards to race, gender, sexuality, and social class. This class will focus on school and community projects based on student interests and passions developing leadership skills while considering social justice topics.

    7th Grade Electives



    In this music class, students will develop basic keyboard and musicianship skills including technique, sight reading, harmonization, accompaniment, and piano repertoire. 


    Mind and Movement 

     Do you like to move your body? Get creative with improv games? Take time to breathe, strengthen + stretch? Then, this is the class for you.  No prior experience necessary!  Four days per week will begin with a body warm-up followed by creative movement + improvisation activities and group projects .  Each Friday, we will end the week with a calm stretch + strengthening class to ease you into the weekend.