• Visual Art   -- Room 7 

    Ms. Duncan (hduncan@pps.net)  

    Paint Pallet

    In the middle years, it is important to facilitate student artists in the development of their own self-awareness, personal abilities, and talents. In this class, students learn to use visual art as a means to express emotions and apply critical thinking skills. Students also use sketchbooks to understand how visual planning and organization play vital roles in the art-making process.


    Key components of the Laurelhurst School Art program

    • Appreciating and understanding the importance of the visual arts in society
    • Cultivating and developing skills in various artistic media
    • Creating an exciting and safe environment that allows students to be inspired and inquisitive
    • Creating art based on one’s own experience, identity, imagination, and observations

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    Physical Education: Gymnasium  

    Mr. Lewis (mlewis@pps.net)

    PE Blurb


    Technology & Social Justice: Library 

    Ms. Hazen  (ahazen@pps.net)

     Learn to Code

    Technology:  This course will dive deeper into more advanced exploration of computer programming using codesters and edity as well as continued photo/image editing using Pixlr. Google apps will  be used. This class is ideal for students who want to further explore coding and enjoy using technology to create! 

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    Physical Education: Room 25 & Health: Room 23

    Ms. Martin (kmartin1@pps.net)


    Team Sports: During our quarter together, there will be many opportunities for students to work with a partner or in small groups as they explore skill development, game concepts and team interactions.  They will leave class with the skills to successfully participate in a variety of team sports.

    Health:  This class will focus on Alcohol, Tobacco/Nicotine and other drugs as well as 

    nutrition. At the end of the quarter, we will focus on  healthy relationships and sexual health. All curriculum that is used comes directly from PPS.  Families are welcome to excuse their student from any parts of the healthy relationships/sexual health unit.  



    Theater Arts

    Ms. Gretencort (Ms. G) agretencort@pps.net


    New this year at Laurelhurst, 7-8 Drama offers the opportunity to explore various aspects of acting including improvisation, character development, physical comedy, monologues, and scene study. Students will have the opportunity to create and perform their own short scenes, learn how to use feedback to inform their choices, and perform for their class. 


    Movement will focus on dance and physical theater. Students will learn the foundations of dance, explore a variety of dance and movement styles, and learn how to choreograph their own movement sequences.