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    Come to the Cleveland CMPC Community Forum Dec. 10th, 5:00p.m. - 6:30p.m.
    Please join your friends and neighbors at the upcoming Cleveland Conceptual Master Planning Forum on Tuesday December 10th from 5:00 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. in the Cleveland Library

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    What Is Conceptual Master Planning?
    The conceptual master planning process will determine each school’s overall program needs, site layout, and estimated costs for historic modernization vs. new construction. The early planning effort will help us more accurately determine the cost estimates for the modernization or the rebuilding of that school. This information will help PPS in the planning of future capital improvement bonds.

    What Is Modernization?
    Modernization will completely reconfigure and update learning spaces with a focus on indoor environmental quality, sustainability and historic preservation. Full modernizations retain the historic character of the school while bringing those buildings up to code and concurrently creating a more modern learning environment. In the case of Cleveland it may be determined that a partial or complete rebuild might be the best approach. This decision will be determined during conceptual master planning.

    View the District Education Specifications for Comprehensive High Schools (Ed Specs)


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    For more information about school building improvements, contact: 503-916-2222 or email schoolmodernization@pps.net

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    Cleveland CMPC schedule

    Conceptual master planning of Cleveland High School would begin in the fall of 2019 and complete in Winter 2019. The schedule for the modernization of Cleveland High School has not been determined at this time and would be contingent on the passage of a future school improvement bond.

    Project Team

    Mahlum is the design team for Cleveland Master Planning. Deeply rooted in the Pacific Northwest, Mahlum creates spaces that express the culture, aspirations and identity of the communities they serve, distinctively honoring the character of each K-12 school they design. They designed the recently modernized Grant High School.