• Parent Led & Llewellyn Artist in Residence

    The PTA has sponsored art in many forms at Llewellyn Elementary, to supplement the wonderful art led by individual classroom teachers. This has included parent-led art lessons and clay lessons, and also PTA-funded artists-in-residence. Guest artists have brought a rich variety of experiences to the school, including:
    • Drumming & Percussion 
    • Dance (Body Vox)
    • Weaving
    • Mural Installations
    • Native American Storytelling
    • Mask Making'
    • Puppets
    • Square Dancing
    • Set Design
    • Still Life Watercolor Paintings
    • Robotics + Art
    • Live Orchestra Performances
    • Glass fusion
    • Competitive Jump Rope Demonstrations
    • Habitat & Bug Sculptures
    Thank you for continuing to support your PTA and making these experiences happen for the students of Llewellyn Elementary!

    Art Video How to Lessons

    Here are some art lessons that use the supplies in your art kit, taught by parents of Llewellyn students. We hope you like them!

    Parents: if you would like to create a video lesson, please send an email to LlewellynSTART@gmail.com