2019-2020 SCHOOL YEAR UPDATE

    The After School Classes Program at Llewellyn Elementary is unique. Unlike many other schools, we have committed to building and growing our program as one cohesive set of classes that operate primarily through one registration system during three sessions throughout the year (fall, winter, and spring). Coordinated entirely by parent volunteers, our goal for the program is to provide high-quality enrichment opportunities for our students through a series of fee-based classes that take place onsite at Llewellyn directly after school. Support of this program by Llewellyn families is what helps us continually attract high-quality instructors and sustain such robust class offerings.  
    We're excited for the 2019-20 school year and will have another great set of After School Enrichment Classes available. Key dates to note:
    • Information about Fall Session classes will be shared once school starts, with registration, likely planned to begin on Sept. 4 or 5 (after Labor Day)

    • Fall Session after school classes will likely begin on Sept. 16 and run through Dec. 20 (right before Winter Break)
    It always takes a couple of extra weeks to get organized at the start of the school year, so thanks in advance for your patience. Be on the lookout for the Fall Session schedule and registration information coming in your email after school begins!
    If you have any questions about After School Classes, please contact parent coordinator Tori Harms (toriharms@gmail.com).