The Llewellyn PTA, as an affiliated constituent of Oregon PTA, pledges that membership in PTA shall be open, without discrimination to anyone who believes in and supports the mission and purposes of National PTA.

    Website: llewellynpta.com

    Email:  llewellynpta@gmail.com

    2020-2021 PTA Board Members:          

    President: Melissa Federspiel  

    Vice President: Alison Wilkinson 

    Secretary: John Keane  

    Treasurer: Mindy Parker  

    Volunteer Coordinator Committees: Sarah Schroeder  

    Volunteer Coordinator Classrooms: Brittany Petering 

    Hospitality: Dena Sayama  

    Director at Large: Renee Wilkinson  



    Llewellyn Elementary Foundation is a local school foundation under the Umbrella of the Portland Schools Foundation (PSF), a 501(c)3 non-profit organziation.  The parents on the Llewellyn Elementary Foundation board work with the Principal to raise money to help fund teaching positions not covered by Portland Public Schools.

    Website: www.thellewellynfoundation.org

    Email: thellewellynfoundation@gmail.com

    2020-2021 Llewellyn Foundation Board Members:

    Chair: Ashley Schmidt  

    Treasurer: Jenny Hudson 

    Events: Staci MacDonald 

    Communications/Social Media:  Lindsay Gits  

    Business Sponsors:  Monica Loosemore & Lana Keane

    Run Llewellyn:  Carleen Starr 

    Wreath Sales:  Damian Rothermel 

    Restaurant Nights:  Christine Viola-Krause 

    Members at Large:  Heather Fleming & Erika Hoffstetter


    Llewellyn LiD

    View the opening ceremony of Llewellyn Learning In Depth

    Visit the Llewellyn LiD website at:https://llewellynlid.wordpress.com