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    About our Program

    Portland Summer Scholars is a high school credit recovery program for students who need to retake a course required for graduation. The pace of our program is somewhat intense in nature due to the condensed time frame we operate in. While most semester courses meet over the span of 18 weeks, our Summer Scholars classes meet for 3 hours per day for 13 days straight. Students will earn .5 credit for each class they successfully complete.



    Summer Program Info

    There will be two sessions for students to take courses this Summer:

    • Session 1: June 27th- July 14th
    • Session 2: July 18th- August 3rd

    In-person classes will be held Monday - Friday, 9:00am-12:00pm at each of the sites listed below.

    Online classes will be held Monday - Friday, 1:00p - 4:00pm.  

    Courses will be offered at four High School locations across the Portland Area

    • Grant High School
    • Franklin High School
    • McDaniel High School
    • Roosevelt High School

    Interested in enrolling?

    For students who are interested in recovering credit through Summer Scholars, they should meet with their high school counselor to review their transcript and choose the appropriate course(s). Enrollment begins by mid-May.

    Enrollment Prioritization

    Portland Summer Scholars follows a prioritization process for situations when classes fill up to a maximum capacity. Our prioritization process, based on the current school year, is as follows:

    1. PPS Seniors
    2. PPS Juniors, Credit Recovery and Credit Deficient
    3. PPS Sophomores, Credit Recovery and Credit Deficient
    4. PPS Freshmen, Credit Recovery and Credit Deficient
    5. PPS Students (grades 9-11), Credit Advancement
    6. Non-PPS students

    Contact:  Chris LaCarrubba, Vice Principal: clacarrubba@pps.net