• PPS Counselors' Registration Instructions

    Pre-Registration for Summer Scholars will open on June 1, 2021.


    Online Registration is only open to PPS HS Counselors. 

    Click here to enter

    If you are a PPS HS Counselor and are having difficulty accessing the Registration site, please contact Kurt at khanson2@pps.net.

    * note: to access the Registration page, you will need to logged into your "@pps.net" Google account (jdoe1@pps.net). Make sure you are not logged into a non-PPS Google account.


    Information Specific to Summer 2021

    There will be Online and In-Person options available.

    All course fees for Summer 2021 will be waived.

    You do not need to return the signed Pre-Registration form to our office in order to complete Enrollment. 




    Please see the PESS Program Info Sheet for full Summer Program details and course list.

  • Enrollment Prioritization (based on class cohort during the current school year)

    1. PPS Seniors 
    2. PPS Juniors, Credit Recovery and Credit Deficient
    3. PPS Sophomores, Credit Recovery and Credit Deficient
    4. PPS Freshmen, Credit Recovery and Credit Deficient
    5. PPS Students (grades 9-11), Credit Advancement
    6. Non-PPS students