• Registration for students not currently attending PPS schools


    Non-PPS students who need to take a class for recovery or initial credit through Portland Evening and Summer Scholars may do so. Each successfully completed course earns the student one half (1/2) credit (one semester). Below you will find a table with the courses offered. If there are any questions regarding transcripts or credit equivalents, please contact our office.

    Registration Form for Non PPS Students

    • Please use the Non-PPS Student registration form if your student is not currently attending a PPS school. Depending on your browser settings, you may need to download the form to use the form-fillable functions.
      • We highly recommend that you meet with your student's regular school counselor to facilitate course selection for Evening and Summer Scholars.
      • Many schools use course naming guidelines that do not necessarily match course names at PPS. Your student's counselor will know which PPS courses will match credits needed for your particular school.
    • Please send the completed form either:
      • By email to khanson2@pps.net
      • By fax to 503-916-2691
    • Due to priority for PPS Students, we will not process enrollment for Non-PPS Students until the week prior to class start, space permitting.
    • PES will send you information on options for completing payment

    After registration opens, you will find the course offerings below. As courses fill we will cross them out to note the course is no longer open for registration.

  • Spring 2023-24 Notes

    • All Evening Scholars courses during Spring 2023-24 will be In-Person at various locations (see below)
    • The class schedule will be posted, and the Non-PPS Registration form will be available to download from this page, within a few days of February 5.
    • We ask that you complete the form and course choices with the Counselor at your school. Not all PPS courses use the same names as other schools, and we want to make sure the courses you have chosen will earn the appropriate credit at your school.
    • You can return the form to PESS at any time, but we will not enroll non-PPS students until the week prior to the beginning of class, as class space allows.

    Spring 2023-24 Dates:

    • Classes meet once per week, from Feb 19 - May 23.
    • No School Dates 
      • March 25-28 (Spring Break)


    • Grant HS, 2245 NE 36th Ave, Portland, OR 97212
    • Franklin HS, 5405 SE Woodward St, Portland, OR 97206
    • McDaniel HS, 2735 NE 82nd Ave, Portland, OR 97220
    • Roosevelt HS, 6941 N Central St, Portland, OR 97203


  • Enrollment Prioritization (based on class cohort during the current school year)

    1. PPS Seniors 
    2. PPS Juniors, Credit Recovery and Credit Deficient
    3. PPS Sophomores, Credit Recovery and Credit Deficient
    4. PPS Freshmen, Credit Recovery and Credit Deficient
    5. PPS Students (grades 9-11), Credit Advancement
    6. Non-PPS students