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  • YEP - Youth Empowerment Project

    Our Mission

    We partner with schools and communities to serve youth today, to ensure tomorrow’s success. Our mission is to engage and empower youth so that they can be active participants in their environment. We strive to help young people develop a strong sense of self, emotional awareness, self regulatory skills, and the resiliency needed to build successful lives.

    Our Approach

    According to the SEL framework, individual competencies along with a positive learning environment help to prevent or reduce students’ negative behaviors, such as aggression (Eccles & Roeser, 2011).

    YEP goes a step beyond, taking a three-legged-stool approach. Our focus is not only on the young person and their learning environment: we integrate the young person’s natural supports as well.




    Hello everyone! My name is Jordan Blue (but you can call me JB) and I am a mentor for the Youth Empowerment Program. I have worked in the fitness, health, and wellness industry since 2017 where I have supported both children and adults alike in their physical and mental health journeys. As a mentor, I strive to help our young men understand the significance of their identity and presence.


    I hope to provide an environment that truly encourages these young men to grow into the best versions of themselves.


    I am on campus on Mondays.



  • Ms. Mindy Warren, CMP (She/Her/Hers)

    6th Grade Girls Group Facilator 


    YEP's services are designed to provide positive relationship development and support to students to reduce disproportionate discipline rates and increase attendance. Most importantly, YEP sees the value of providing a strong support system for students of color seeking a sense of belonging at school. This includes providing positive and diverse adult relationships that are reflective of students’ culture and identity.

    **I’m on campus Tuesdays and Wednesdays


  • Girls Groups - 

    Ms. Adore (7/8th Graders)