• Donors

    Our project would not be possible without generous grants and donations through the following organizations:

    • Metro Parks & Greenspaces --
      Gregory Heights was awarded a Greenspaces Environmental Education Grant in the fall of 1999.
    • Where does paint for a 640-foot mural come from? We are fortunate to have recycled paint donated by Metro's Hazardous Waste Facility in Oregon City. Take in your left over pints today!
    • Portland Public Schools Foundation --
      Arts Alive! Grant
    • City of Portland - Bureau of Environmental Services --
      BES Education Program received a Metro Greenspaces grant to support H2O boat trips for schools. Gregory Heights acquired scholarships to fund two field trips, fall 1999.

    Other partnerships

    • Headwaters To Ocean (H2O) --
      Boat-based watershed education is a very important part of our project. Each field trip features a four hour river cruise on the Willamette River, including H2O's innovative, hands-on program. During their time on the water, students conduct scientific experiments, learn about the value of a healthy watershed, and explore the many human and non-human uses of the river.
    • Regional Arts & Culture Council (RACC) --
      Our artist-in-residence, Wendy Dunder, comes to us through the Arts-In-Education program at RACC.
    • Northwest Service Academy (NWSA) --
      Our project coordinator, Brittin Witzenburg, is an AmeriCorps National Service volunteer through NWSA.
    • Young Audiences --
      In the spring of 2000, Gregory Heights participated in a school-wide fundraiser called Run For The Arts, organized through Young Audiences, that raised money to help pay for our artist-in-residence.
    • Oregon Geographic Alliance --
      OGA has pledge their continued support for the RiverScape Mural Project. OGA's mission is to increase public awareness of the importance of geographic education, to increase the emphasis on geography in grades K-12, and to improve geographic teaching methods and materials. Come to the annual OGA Spring Conference April 6, 2001, hosted by Gregory Heights Middle School!