• Check Out Policy:

    Students may have a total of four books checked-out. 

    (We may limit certain titles due to popularity, like graphic novels.)

    Library books circulate for 2 weeks and may be renewed. 

    Book Expectations:

    Students are responsible for the books they handle or borrow.

    If an item is lost or severely damaged, payment is expected for replacement of the item.  If cost is an issue, other arrangements can be made. 

    Late fines are forgiven if a book is returned. 

    Behavior Expectations:

    We expect library users to be respectful and safe at all times.   

    Conversational voices are generally allowed as long as other students can read or study.

    Concerns about Books:

    Our goal is for the collection to be affirming and inclusive yet challenging and broadening.  If you have a concern about your child reading a certain title or genre please contact the librarian.   Library should be a positive experience for everybody.