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    G E T   I N V O L V E D

    every child. one voice.

    The Vernon PTA was formed to support the educational mission of the school, and provide children and families with social opportunities. Community members, families of current students, families of future students, and any other school volunteers are invited to pick up a membership envelope in the Vernon Office and join this vibrant and active group. Northwest Natural Gas has funded a limited number of membership scholarships, some of which are still available.

    Meetings take place on the third Thursday of each month. When we are able to meet in person we meet in the Multi-Purpose Room (MPR) from 5:45-7:30pm.  Refreshments and childcare are provided.

    PTA Officers for 2020-2021:

    President: Jeana Wines

    Vice President: Eric Island and Maya von Geldern

    Secretary: Travis Ogden

    Treasurer: Ciara Xyerra

    Communications: Jess Byers

    PYP Coordinator: Samantha Ott

    MYP Coordinator: Cessa Karson

    DEI Liaison: Eric Island

    LGBTQ+ Families: Jess Byers 

    Neurodiverse Families: Michelle Juon

    Families of Black Students: Olivia Carnate

    Past President: Casey Clarke

    Las Familias: vacant



    Vernon PTA Meeting Dates for 2020-2021:

    September 17; October 15; November 19;

    January 21; February 18; March 18;

    April 15; May 20 (final)


    Ways to contact Vernon PTA


PTA Contributions

  • The PTA has supported international mindedness by scheduling an annual world showcase evening with food, performances and photo displays. The PTA also hosted a performance by Portland Taiko, a local drumming group that includes a Vernon mom. Other social events have included dances for all age groups, board game nights and movie nights.

    PTA members worked at Kindergarten Round-up, Open House Night, and monthly parent coffees. PTA members sit on the Site Council and have represented the community at Jefferson Cluster planning events. The PTA has formed a partnership with the East Portland Rotary and will continue working with them to support Vernon families.

    The PTA raises funds through Run For the Owls, healthy snack sales, and nights out at local eateries. These funds support evening events, as well as teacher grants for supplies, field trips and books. Some grant projects have included a Kindergarten trip to the Rainbow Trout Farm, art supplies for several classes, and a grade level field trip to the Oregon Zoo. The PTA has provided funds to support IB (International Baccalaureate) by buying globes, atlases, magazine subscriptions and other materials that teachers need to expose children to the world.