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    Our Sensory Room


    Vernon's Occupational Therapist is Alissa Pollard.


    A typical day in a traditional classroom involves twenty to thirty students at desks or on the carpet. Students have sensory needs that are currently not being met. Each classroom is full of unique students; and one size does not fit all! Our dream school would have lots of options for different learning styles and sensory needs.

    Our Sensory Room has subsections to accommodate students' specific needs. For example, a student who is agitated will have mats, fidgets, pillows, dim light, and/or a movement area to help with calming and regulation. This space will help students that need a break from the general classroom, as well as students that need help transitioning between classes. Students will learn how to identify their specific sensory needs and apply sensory tools to improve their regulation. We believe the sensory space will have a positive impact on the entire student population. Students, teachers, and parents will further their understanding of sensory systems and how an environment can shape learning and behavior. Our Sensory Room helps and empowers students to stay focused and productive. We believe students are more successful when they have a space and the tools that can meet their individual sensory needs.




    Vernon thanks Pete Carpenter MOT, OTR/L: Vernon’s former Occupational Therapist, for the inspiration for and development of our Sensory Room!



    For more info on Sensory Processing: http://spdnow.org/