Enrollment Procedures / Procedimientos de inscripción

  • hello If you are new to the district and/or the Beaumont neighborhood there are several options available to you. To find the most current school boundary information, enrollment processes, and regulations please click here.

    For specific questions about Beaumont, or to schedule a visit please contact the main office at (503) 916-5610.

    Portland Public Schools has many wonderful schools and options for you and your child to choose from. We hope you decide that Beaumont is the right community for your child during their transition to a new neighborhood, city, state, or country. Not to mention that we know Beaumont is a great place to be an adolescent and meet the challenges of emerging adulthood.

    For current data and more facts about Beaumont Middle School click here. (the PPS Facts page)

    For more information on the Beaumont/Wilshire Neighborhood click here. (a non-PPS site)

Transfer Procedures



    Transfer Procedures                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

    We love Beaumont, and we encourage you to make Beaumont your home.

    With very few exceptions, current PPS students are not allowed to transfer schools after the start of the school year. This helps to provide continuity for students and stability for schools and staff.                                                      

    For most Portland families, their neighborhood school is the best match. Families looking for another setting may apply for transfer through the School Choice lottery which begins each year in late January or early February. 

    For more information, go the Portland Public Schools Enrollment and Transfer website by clicking here. For information about transfers, visit the School Choice website here.