About Us

  • Hayhurst School, located in Southwest Portland, is close to the Southwest Community Center and Alpenrose Dairy.  Hayhurst School is for kids Kindergarten through fifth grade.  Together we view learning as a partnership between a student, family and community in all classrooms. 

    Teachers at Hayhurst School integrate core subjects, utilizing the district adopted curriculum at each grade level. Together as a school, all kids share the resources of P.E. twice a week, school counselor, technology, library, art, shared cafeteria and recess time, along with student centered events/activities shared by all.  We truly are a great school!

Why send your children to Hayhurst Neighborhood School?

    1. Strong Academics: Hayhurst Neighborhood School offers strong academics in a nurturing environment. 90% of our students met state benchmarks in Mathematics, 85% met in Reading.

    2. Highly Rated: Portland Public Schools report card-Student Performance is Strong, Student behavior is Strong, School Characteristics are Exceptional.

    3. Quality Instruction: our teachers have an average of 18.6 years experience, 100% have a Master Degree or higher, 100% meet or exceed the Federal Definition of Highly Qualified Teachers.

    4. Diverse Curriculum: each teacher brings their unique interests to their classroom curricula, exposing students to a variety of fields.

    5. Diverse Population: We embrace our diverse population. Hayhurst Neighborhood School is a true representation of our world offering our students relationships with people from other cultures and socioeconomic classes.

    6. Individual Student Needs: Our close-knit staff works together to track individual student needs throughout their years at Hayhurst. We also offer leveled math and reading opportunities across grade levels.

    7. Nurturing Environment: we believe that all students are talented and gifted. We are dedicated to creating a safe and inspiring atmosphere for our children.

    8. Strong Sense of Community: Our neighborhood children grow up surrounded by a community that has their best interests at heart, not just during their years in elementary school but as the children grow into adulthood, too. This accountability offers children yet one more tool for success.

    9. Our kids come “home”: we are especially grateful that so many of our “grown children” return. Some come to visit, some return for events, and many return to volunteer in the classroom and/or at events.

    10. Hayhurst is the Heart: our school has been the heart of the neighborhood for years. It is here that countless lifelong friendships have started, where people have begun to connect with their neighbors, and where children begin to settle into their sense of “home”.