About Us

  • Hayhurst is an equity-centered school located in SW Portland's neighborhood of the same name. We proudly serve students in kindergarten through fifth grade and have the honor of housing two Social Emotional Skills classrooms.  In addition to core subjects, each class attends art, library, music, physical education, and SEL classes weekly. Community is what sets Hayhurst apart. We thrive off of our partnerships with students, parents, families, and the neighborhood at-large. 

    Our staff is second to none.  At Hayhurst, educators work tirelessly to equip each student with engaging experiences that are reflective of her/his/their culture and identities, anchored to the standards, and connected to real world applications.  Our work is to ensure every student knows they belong, while challenging every student to persevere for high expectations and personal success.

    If you are interested in learning more about Hayhurst, please check out our weekly newsletter (The Hayhurst Husky Howl), our awesome PTA, our phenomenal Foundation, or call the office at 503-916-6300.         

    Let's go, Huskies!