Fundraise for Staff Positions at the School with the Hayhurst School Foundation

  • Hayhurst husky logo for fundraising for staff positions

    The sole mission of the Hayhurst School Foundation (HSF) is to raise funds for staff positions at Hayhurst Elementary School. In fact, fundraising through the Hayhurst School Foundation is the only way to raise funds to use toward staffing at the school.

    HSF is “affiliated” with The Fund for PPS, meaning we operate under the Tax ID number of The Fund for PPS. To learn about the rules that govern our fundraising and how funds are used (including support of the PPS Parent Fund), visit the Fund for PPS website at HSF is one of two parent-led volunteer organizations set up to support Hayhurst Elementary; the other one is the Hayhurst PTA.

    Donate to Hayhurst’s foundation hereYou will need to select Hayhurst Elementary School as the purpose of your donation.

    Thank you for your support!


All School PTA Donation

 You can now donate directly to the Hayhurst PTA using PayPal.

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