• About the Abernethy School Library 

    The Abernethy School Library Media Program seeks to provide students with equitable access to information through the teaching of information literacy skills, a 21st century learning environment, and the promotion of lifelong learning. The library endeavors to be a collaborative learning space where students can both access and create information. Support for the Abernethy community is prioritized in the development of a representative collection and collaboration with grade level teachers. The library strives to produce creative, respectful students with an appreciation for literature and strong critical thinking skills. 


    Check-out Policy

    Students may check books out of the Abernethy Library when their class is scheduled for instruction or whenever the circulation desk is staffed. Library books may be kept for two weeks until they need to be returned or renewed. Students are responsible for all books checked out on their account. To support appropriate levels of responsibility, students will be initially limited in the number of books they may check out by their grade level. 


    Kindergarten - 1 - 2 books

    First Grade - 1 - 2 books 

    Second Grade - 2  books 

    Third Grade - 3  books 

    Fourth Grade - 4  books 

    Fifth Grade - 5 books 


    About Abernethy's Library Media Specialist

    Quinn Sanford completed her Masters in Library and Information Science (MLIS), specializing in School Library Media, at the University of Michigan. Since then she has facilitated School Library Media programs in Michigan, Washington and Oregon. By the summer of 2016, she had taught over 3,000 individual students! Outside of the Library, Ms. Quinn reads quite a lot of children's and Young Adult literature, as well as writing her own. She also enjoys singing in choirs, hiking, creating art, paddling boats, and spending time with a (somewhat ill behaved) border terrier named Lorax.