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     Oregon Battle of the Books

    Oregon Battle of the Books (OBOB) is a voluntary reading incentive program. At Abernethy, students in grades 3-5 are eligible to participate in teams of 4 or 5 students and at least one parent coach. Teams will meet together to divide work and prepare for school-wide battles, which will take place in late January and early February. Each battle consists of 16 questions all relating to a list of books chosen by the State OBOB committee (see booklist below). One winning team from Abernethy will go on to Regionals and potentially State Finals.

    If your student is interested in participating, the first steps are to start reading the OBOB book list and start looking for potential teammates. 



    Note on 2021 OBOB:

    There will be NO Regional or State competitions for the 2021 OBOB. We can not guess what current CDC guidelines will exist in January/February, therefore, we can not promise in person battles. We will do our best to recognise students wanting to participate in OBOB. This will not look the same as it has in years past. It may be an online trivia challenge or game. Keep reading, we will find a way to make it fun. 


     2021 OBOB 3-5 Division Booklist 

    • Before They Were Authors by Elizabeth Haidle
    • Bob by Wendy Mass & Rebecca Stead
    • A Boy Called Bat by Elana K. Arnold
    • Changeling by William Ritter
    • The Dragonet Prophecy by Tui T. Sutherland
    • El Deafo by Cece Bell
    • Fatty Legs by Christy Jordan-Fenton & Margaret Pokiak-Fenton
    • Front Desk by Kelly Yang
    • The Night Fairy by Laura Amy Schlitz
    • Nine, Ten: A September 11 Story by Nora Raleigh Baskin
    • Power Forward by Hena Khan
    • Small Spaces by Katherine Arden
    • Space Case by Stuart Gibbs
    • Unusual Chickens for the Exceptional Poultry Farmer by Kelly Jones
    • The Vanderbeekers of 141st Street by Karina Yan Glaser
    • A Wolf Called Wander by Rosanne Parry






    Each OBOB team is composed of 4-5 members. Four members can participate in any one battle, and there is room for an alternate team member, who may participate in none, some, or all of the battles. The use/role of the alternate is up to each team to decide, within the official OBOB rules.

    Members can be any student at Abernethy Elementary in 3rd, 4th, or 5th grade. Teams can be mixed ages, grades, and gender. 

    Teams are assembled independently by students and parent coaches; they are not assigned by anyone. However if you would like help finding a team, we are happy to do that. Often times students will begin talking with peers about who is on who's team. This can get confusing, so it's helpful to organize your team as early as possible! 



    Check back here on October 17 for a link to register your team and submit payment of $25 per team via SchoolPay. The $25 per team goes towards purchasing library copies of OBOB books and funding our Game Night Celebration/pizza party for all teams in February.

    Please ensure your team is fully formed with a designated adult coach before registering. Coaches complete one registration form per team. 



    General Information - abernethyBOBinfo @ gmail.com


    Oregon Battle of the Books official website 
    OBOB info posted on the Cedar Mills Community Library website 
    Multnomah County Library OBOB Grades 3-5 book availability

    QUIZLET- an online quiz and study guide generator

    Youtube video on OBOB rules

    OBOB Reading Log for 2017-18 (doc) - assign books to team members and track progress
    OBOB Practice Question Templates (pdf)
    FAQ for Parents and Coaches (pdf)
    Example of 'Round Robin' scoring sheet from a previous year of OBOB
    Battle score sheet - official score sheet that coaches use to track points during battles
    Official OBOB Handbook - general info on BOB, including battle rules