Photo of front of school
  • Location

    5103 N Willis Blvd.

    Portland, Oregon 97203

    (503) 916-5666

    FAX (503) 916-2663


    Our Community

    Cesar Chavez K-8 School is located in the Portsmouth neighborhood on the peninsula created by the regional confluence of the Columbia and Williamette Rivers in the City of Portland. This area is located in the north of the State of Oregon in the northwestern region of the United States of America. Our school is located not far from where, 200 years ago, the Corps of Discovery traveled on their way to the Pacific. Lewis and Clark may have camped not far from our school.

    Cesar Chavez serves a diverse community representing people from various ethnic and economic groups. It is common to hear languages other than English spoken in the school and in the neighborhood.


    Contact: (503) 916-5666

    Principal: Jorge Meza

    Assistant Principal: Yolanda McKinney

    Grade Levels: K-8

    High School: Roosevelt