• Meet your 2022-2023 Winterhaven PTSA Board

    Contact Us at WinterhavenPTSA@gmail.com

    Pat Van Duser - President

    Sarah Richman - Vice President

    James Powell - Treasurer

    Jennifer Baker - Fall Frolic Committee Lead/At-Large

    Mari Greenly - Auction Sub Committe/At-Large

    Brea Ariola - Fundraising Chair

    Elizabeth Welch - Secretary

    Jason Giles - Staff Liason


  • Do you have a great idea on how to make Winterhaven even better? Maybe an idea for an after school activity you would like to see brought to life? Or maybe an enrichment program or guest speaker you wish could be brought in? Do you have wishes for our school but just don't know where to start? PERFECT! Because we want to hear your thoughts, ideas, and suggestions! 

    Please email the PTSA at WinterhavenPTSA@gmail.com and let us know what you think would be a benefit to our school. We can't promise that we can fulfull every wish, but we can promise to look for resources and support helping great ideas and programs come to life. 

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  • Winterhaven PTSA

    The Winterhaven PTSA is a parent, teacher, and student organization designed to offer support, create community building opportunities, and fundraise to provide our teachers and students with academically enriching experiences. Winterhaven has an amazing community and the PTSA exists to support and elevate this as much as we can. 

    We are so happy to be back for the 2022-2023 school year and are really looking forward to getting back to "normal" with field trips, school events, and daily life after a challenging two years. Our commitment to our community remains strong and we are planning on hosting as many in-person events and volunteer opportunities as possible. We ask for your patience and your voice as we work toward these goals. We also ask for your support, because we can not build the community we want without the voices and support of all of us.

    Here are ways you can get involved:

    1 - Join the PTSA

    The PTSA has many opportunities for parents to get involved. We encourage you to become a PTSA member to have a say in funding decisions and PTSA programs for the year. You can purchase your membership online at PTA Membership. Any parent with an active PTA membership is allowed to vote at the Winterhaven Community meetings. You will have a voice in budget decisions and other important meeting topics. Also, all parents are welcome to join us for Community Meetings, which are listed on our calendar link.

    2 - Connect

    Get your family registered on Konstella. Konstella is a school-wide messaging system where you can get all school news and updates, as well as connect with other parents and teachers through the messaging app.  You can sign up for Konstella here: konstella sign up. If you run into any issues just reach out to Elizabeth Welch at bizwelch@yahoo.com. You can also connect with us through the Winterhaven PTSA Facebook page here.

    3 - Donate

    The best and easiest way to support Winterhaven and the PTSA is through a financial donation. We plan on holding fun and enjoyable in-person events this year and fundraising is needed to make this happen. The Winterhaven PTSA also uses funds to provide scholarships for field trips, pay for teacher wish list items like Mystery Science and refreshing their classroom libraries, buying extra sets of OBOB books for students to have easy access to reading, and so much more. The PTSA suggests a donation of $200 per student in order to reach our annual budget goals. You can donate here through Konstella. Another way you can support is by linking your Amazon Smile account here, Fred Meyer rewards account here, and your Bottle Drop account here to Winterhaven PTSA. Please reach out to brea.ariola@me.com for information on how to set those up.

    4 - Volunteer

    Volunteering can be as time-consuming or as easy as you would like. There are so many opportunities to volunteer at Winterhaven. Please keep an eye out for opportunities posted on Konstella and inside Nancy's newsletter. If you have a special skill you would like to share, please let us know. There are so many ways to support our school!


      • This is Winterhaven's largest and most vital pledge drive fundraiser. For the PTSA to maximize its role at the school, we ask for a fully deductible $200 contribution per child at the beginning of the year. This allows us to fully fund the events, programs, and enrichment projects to support our school. We know that everyone's budgets are different and waht to emphasize that any and all donations are so appreciated and welcomed. You can donate directly through Konstella or by dropping off a check in the office. Thank you for supporting our school. https://www.konstella.com/open/donations/631fcded78b88fded13c7eda

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