• Kindergarten Families: PTA Communications- Request to Stay Connected

    Bridlemile school has a program called 'Peace Pals' where older students are paired with our younger Beagles and serve as role models, mentors, and partners in activities in the classrooms. The 'Peace Pals' program has been so successful for our students that our PTA would like to provide a similar opportunity to our new Bridlemile parents!  The PTA would love to connect your family with some of our existing families to help foster relationships and connections. 

    In addition, our PTA and Parent Welcome Committee would love to connect with you and keep you posted on upcoming summer events.
    Please take a moment to fill out this form and let us know:
    a. if you would like to be included in a PTA Parent Pals program to be connected with existing families 
    b. if you want to opt in to receive email communication from our PTA and parent Welcome Committee regarding upcoming Kindergarten summer events.