• SUN Community School:

    SUN Community schools transform schools into full-service community centers that help youth and families succeed.  They build upon positive assets already in communities and tailor their events, classes, services, activities to what the local community wants.  There is a broad range of activities provided at SUN Community Schools. The primary activities are considered to be:

    • Extended day academic and enrichment programs that are linked to the school day
    • Family involvement and strengthening programs
    • Health and social services for students, families and the community
    • Community events
    • Adult education

    SUN School starts after the start of the school year, in mid-October. You register per term, and are not guaranteed a spot. The days your child attends vary, and are usually 2-3 times per week. Applications will go home with your child about a week before the start of the term.

    Contact: Chelsea Kimura (Coach Chelsea)

    Email: ckimura@pps.net 

    Phone: 503.916.5220