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  • School Office

    The Bridlemile office is now closed for summer break through August 15th. 

    For questions about Summer Acceleration Academy, please visit our SAA website at, email:  or call the SAA HUB site for our school, Markham Elementary at 503-916-5681.

    If you need to enroll or have enrollment questions, please contact the PPS Enrollment & Transfer Department. To enroll online go to

    To reach the Enrollment & Transfer Office:


    English: 503-916-3205

    Español: 503-916-3205

    Tiếng Việt: 503-916-3584

    中文: 503-916-3585

    Русский: 503-916-3205

    Soomaali: 503-916-3586 


    Website: PPS Enrollment & Transfer

    Visit: Enrollment & Transfer Center at 501 N. Dixon St, Suite 140

    For Kindergarten enrollments, please refer to the message below for information.

    Thanks and have a wonderful summer!
  • Kindergarten Registration 2022-23 Register today!

    To register for Kindergarten online, visit

    2022-2023 School Supply List by Grade


    Before you begin, review here:  Enrollment Checklist & Process

    Vaccine requirements 2022-23 Vaccine requirements 2022-23

    MESD Immunization Homepage

    Please provide the following pieces of information to complete the registration process for your child:

    • Completed School Registration Form

    • Immunization Certification - Please transfer your records to the form enclosed, and sign and date it before turning it in. Be sure that you are entering vaccination dates chronologically from the earliest dose date to the most recent dose date.

    • Birth Certificate or Passport- for birthdate verification.

    • Proof of Address-Two Documents- Examples include utility bill, cell phone bill, rental agreement, bank statement, insurance statement, or mortgage closing papers. Documents must be recent and clearly show the parent or guardian’s name and address. **Envelopes are not acceptable, please provide the statement page- you can redact any confidential information.

    • Vision & Dental Screening Form- For any child age 7 or younger.


      School Specific Documents:

    • Kindergarten Student Intake form  Please complete and submit via email to the school: or you can deliver a hard copy to the school.