Bridlemile School News

  • Register for Kindergarten 2019-20

    Please submit the following documents to our office by June 12th. If you need to register over the summer, please visit the PPS Enrollment & Transfer Office located at 501 N. Dixon St. 

    Registration Form: new student registration form

    Immunization Records: Oregon Certificate of Immunization 

    Vision and Dental Screening Certification Form

    Oregon law requires every child who is seven (7) years of age or younger to have dental and vision screenings before entering school for the first time, so you will need to complete this form before the start of school.
    English | Chinese | Russian | Somali | Spanish | Vietnamese

    Connect to School Newsletter: School ListservSchool Listserv-Spanish

    Proof of Age – Birth Certificate or Passport

    Proof of Address- TWO Documents

    examples include utility bills, rental agreements, or mortgage closing papers, which must be recent and also have the parent or guardian’s name listed.

    *For additional information please visit the PPS Kindergarten & Early Learning Department:  Kindergarten & Early Learning

  • 2019-20 School Supplies List

    Or if you prefer, you can order supplies on-line! It’s quick, convenient, and cost effective! Supplies are delivered directly to your classroom ready for the first day of school.

    Order on-line by July 10th and save $5

    On-line order deadline 8/1/19 

    Follow these steps:

    1.    Go to:
    2.    Scroll to the Bridlemile School logo and click “Order Now
    3.    Enter ‘Portland’ and select Bridlemile
    4.    Select your grade level packet, and follow the remaining steps to place your order