Hayhurst News

  • This Giving Tuesday

    Good morning, Hayhurst Families!

    We would be honored if you would consider a donation to the Hayhurst Foundation on this "Giving Tuesday." Although Hayhurst qualifies for schoolwide free lunch under the Community Eligibility Provision, we do not receive Title IA funding. This means that, while many Hayhurst students contribute to district funding numbers, we do not receive the financial benefits. Title IA funds are meant to “supplement” services at the school—supplemental services include art instruction, reading coaches, teacher’s assistants, social work, and mental health support, to name a few. The Hayhurst Foundation is a core tool that the Hayhurst Community has to close this gap between what our students need and what they are awarded via state and federal funding.

    If you have the ability to do so, please see the attached flyer for information on how to donate or visit www.hayhurstfoundation.org/donate

    Thank you, everyone, for all your support, in all its many forms! We are grateful for you!


  • PTA Clothing Closet

    Check out the Portland PTA Clothing Closet!

    Every year, as part of the Portland Council of the PTA, Hayhurst gets to staff the district Clothing Closet. Our first chance is coming up on Thursday, December 7th and the PTA need 5-6 volunteers for any duration of time between 9:30am and 1:30pm. This "closet" (it's huge) and the good work that happens there are a sight to see. Any time a PPS staffer needs to help a kid or family get shoes, a warm coat, even a whole new wardrobe, they can contact the team at the Clothing Closet. Volunteers help visiting families shop the closet or pull orders sent in from schools across the district. It's fun and impactful, and a way to help families in need during the holiday season. If you are interested, reach out to Deirdre at president@hayhurstpta.org.
  • Hayhurst Immunization Report Summary

    Hayhurst Elementary has share our required Immunization Primary Review Summary with the Oregon Health Authority and Multnomah County Health Department. The PDF report is available here for viewing by the public.